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Food for Girlfriend’s Birthday – Where to Celebrate and What to Cook

Food for Girlfriend’s Birthday:- Birthday is special for all while talking about the loving couples, one’s birthday is the time to show how much you care and love of him or her and enjoys the quality good and memorable time. Surprise brings the birthday more joy in birthday like we can buy the surprise gift for someone which include the things with which they are highly attached with. Especially girls love the surprise event for her special day.

If she loves animals, then you can buy her small puppies if she is a fantasy of the food then cooking with your hand for the celebration would be the best idea. Today in this article we will circle the birthday food idea for a girlfriend’s birthday. A birthday without food is almost non-imaginary because in any celebration food plays the important role in the enjoyment.

It’s like a boy thing that he has to afford them with his budget if it’s his girl birthday celebration. It’s a good idea to celebrate between two couples only because there would be no one to disturb you, and you will have quality time. But when it comes to the matter of the food plan, then obviously, you have to estimate the expenditure weighting your pocket. You will then have two choices, as you are locked with offering her delicious food. Either you have to take her to a nice restaurant or to invite them to own home and make food by yourself of your wish.

1. Planning for visiting the restaurant: –

Visiting a nice restaurant would be a good idea if your pocket is high. This idea also helps the people who have less time to manage, and want to spend successive and more time with her. You don’t have to worry whether you know to cook them or not.   Better you should early order the cake with the sweet wishes of a birthday of you on the top of it. And make it of looks of her best, or in option cake covered with pink or red near to the rose, the color pigment would be attractive to girls.


Small size cake may help you and would be better, but decoration should be nice and you should better consider on its presentation and celebration. It would be better if you don’t let her open the menu and order that food what she loves. She would feel nice knowing how much actually you care about her choice. You should include the food that is usually taken, which means it should be different from usually ordered so that that taste would carry the memory of the wonderful time you spend together.

If the possible plan with the management of the restaurant to play the romantic songs she likes or play the musical device like the violin, piano, harp, whatever they have in service and play happy birthday tune. It would be nice when you are enjoying the tasty dishes together, and she will feel more special in between people. If you are planning on candlelight dinner then place a beautiful flower or rose in the luminous area of the candle. This would make the dinner table attractive.

2. Planning at home: –

Every girl wishes that her boy would be best of all that he can do anything like the Gennie and care of her soulfully. If you cook food for her birthday surprise, then it is sure that she would feel special like never before. For this, you have to be prepared in many ways. If you know how to cook then it would be helpful, but if you wish to cook whether you are not a good cook, then following the recipe on the internet would be helpful. Try only a few dishes but it should be well managed.

If you want to make your time special and quality, then you should not try too many recipes. It will take over your time and it makes you in hurry. You should better decorate the dishes rather than of adding a number to the recipe. Don’t get hurry in anything and cook in a well-managed way. Keep the kitchen clean. Have patience and slow in the kitchen, pay attention to the details, and don’t make your kitchen in mess. You can get the help of your mother or friends but, it is good if you cook by your hand with love and care.


Be sure of what she prefers or loves to eat. Sometimes it happens that you cook some vegetable or other food that she may not like, but she takes them only to respect you and not to hurt you. Some girls may not love the garlic or spicy food so be sure about the spices you are going to add.

So, you have to ask her about her taste likes, and dislikes. And further, be considerate while seasoning the food. Too much less salt or too much high salt can ruin the taste of the food. So, better would be this you taste it before you serve them. Adding the salt after serving the food on the plate might be a bad idea, because it doesn’t get dissolved properly, ruining the taste of the food.

Since you are having a special time with her so you should make it perfect for every moment. And, it would be better if you are ready for everything before she comes. The location for the meal is very considerable. Tabling the food outdoor especially in the garden would be nice, but only if the weather is preferable.

In a hurry: – if you hurry and have very little time to get ready then going to the restaurant would be the best idea. And if going to the restaurant is not possible or affordable then you should make up your mind with light and special recipe. Some of the suggestions are listed below with the cooking tips, after all, surfing the internet to several pages for this would make you further tight with time.


Meal or Food for Girlfriend’s Birthday

1. Soup: –

If you have very little time to manage or you are a just beginner in the kitchen, then soup would be the best idea. It’s easy to made and healthy too. Just you have to fry chopped onion, garlic in the little amount of oil, and it would make the good flavor, and put some cups of water in it. Now you can just add the things that you are planning to make soup of. You can remove them with the net after boiling them for a while, and garnish them with the parsley and coriander leaves. You can add salt at the time of serving, as much as your wish. It would be the rather best option, if it’s cold or raining outside

2. Chips or crackers: –

Aaloo Chips Recipe Food for Girlfriend's Birthday

It’s an easy recipe that you can make within minutes and it’s ready to eat. Just you have to piles the potatoes into pieces and fry them in deep oil and be careful if it gets overcooked. Take them out into plates and sprinkle some salt over them, and your chips are ready. You can add turmeric powder if you love to give them the natural color of the chips, and its flavor good when added. You can serve them with soya sauce, or pickles, and watch the romantic movie together.

3. Garden Salad: –

It’s very much easy to make. You just have to collect the garden fruits and vegetables or you can get them from the market. Vegetables like cabbage, tomato, broccoli, cucumber, carrot, onions, etc. are a good choice for making the salad. Clean them well, and cut in piles them in regular sizes and shapes. And decorates them in the regular pattern or any beautiful shapes.

4. Pancakes: –

The Pancakes are tasty as well you can give it different tastes you wish to, like onion, potato, tomato, etc. Just you have to put some wheat flour in the bowel and put some water and make its slurry paste. If you wish to make the plain cake then put some sugar in it and if you want some touchy taste then season it with some chili powder and salt and garnish with another ingredient you wish to.

Put a frying pan on the mild burning stove and put some oil. Put that slurry paste in the pan and make it the thin layer if you prefer it to be crispy, or if you prefer spongy cake then make the layer of 10-15mm thickness and you have to toss it regularly so that both sides of the pancake would get cooked. Piece it with the knife and put them in the oven to keep it warm until you serve them because it tastes better when it’s warm. Serve it with soya sauce or chili sauce to enhance the taste.


There are many other options for food If are in hurry and you can’t arrange then plan to visit some romantic places with beautiful gifts and enjoy the fast street food that you and she love to eat. Important is to spend a great time with her and to make her feel special and bring each other closer to each other, so here’s your choice in option for food idea you may dedicate to your girls birthday. Enjoy and have a great time on her birthday with preferable food. Important is to be original and enjoy the food.

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