6 Funny Facts About Birthday

Funny Facts About Birthday:- We have seen a lot of posts about your birthday and how you should celebrate it, what you should actually wear and what to gift other people and so many. We have also seen the zodiac games which tell us what and how we really are. To be honest, I bet no one has ever tried to find out funny and strange facts about birthdays. Have you? And yes, the birthday of celebrities do not count as strange things, those are just normal! We have come across varieties of stuff so that we can share fun facts about the birthday. Here we go:

funny facts about birthday

Number 1: the expensive birthday

Did you know the Sultan of Brunei had the most expensive birthday party in the world? And no we are not talking about a birthday that cost only a few hundred dollars. We are talking about millions here. The Sultan of Brunei hosted his 50th birthday on July 13 in 1996. The cost of the birthday party is unimaginable. It cost him US$27.2 million. Wow, that is a huge amount. I bet I can celebrate my entire birthday and the birthday of next birth as well.

Now, you might be thinking how can anybody host a party of such amount- what did they eat? Gold? How much did they drink? Was the whole world invited? Did he give gold as a return gift? Unimaginable thoughts wander in my mind, seriously! But there are only one who took about 59% of the cost. The one and only Michael Jackson who took the US $16million for the three concerts he gave at the party. Now that is an expensive return gift!!

Number 2: the birthdate game

From a survey, it was found that more people are born on October 5 in the USA than any other significant day. Reason? It was not so surprising because the conception probably took place on New Year’s Eve. So when you find a friend whose birthday is on October 5, you can tell your friend about the stories, his momma did not tell him about. Also, the not-so-common birth date in the USA is May 22. It was also found that more people had celebrated their birthdays in August than in any other month. About 9 percent of all people have answered so.

The other two rated birthdays are in July and September. And my birthday falls in January. Damn you! And yes, have you ever heard of the Golden birthday? No, you don’t get paid and whatsoever. It is said that if your birthdate and your ages coincide, that means your day is special and thus called a golden birthday. For example, if you are born on 12th of the month, and your age is 12 then, you have a golden birthday. Fair enough?

Number 3: The health birthdate

Is your birthday coming? Did your birthday just go by? So let me tell you that since your last birthday you have successfully wasted 31536000 seconds of your life. But the good thing is that your hair has probably grown 12 cm and nail about 4 cm since your last birthday. Did you know that your heart beats at the rate of around 72 to 80 beats per minute and from your last birthday, your heart has beat about 42075900 times?

But it will beat about 1000 times more when you see your crush. Just kidding! And yes you breathe at the rate of 20 breaths per minute so you breathe about 10512000 breaths and 0 times when you see 10 miss calls from your mother! Ok, I am kidding again! But that is true. Did you know that the volume of blood in your about 5 liters? The heart pumps about 280 liters of blood around your body every hour which means that is 2688000 liters per year! Isn’t that just jaw-dropping?

Number 4: The strange birthdate

Did you know that you have already dreamt about 1460 dreams since your last birthday? No? Well, see this, the world population has grown by around 76570430 since your last birthday. That is too much, isn’t it? And while you are reading this, another five babies have been born. During the past year, there have been 50,000 earthquakes throughout the world.

girl swinging

The earth revolves around 66780 miles per hour and the Earth has completed one journey around the sun which means that the earth has traveled about 584337600 miles. And you just laid on the bed doing nothing when the earth did his marathon. Shame humans!

Number 5: The death birth date

Who knew that your birthdate will be your death date? Common like, you waited all the months for your birthday and you just died on that day. That will be strange. But there are known the person who has died on their birthday. Coincidence or just strange? Ingrid Bergman was a Swedish actress who was born on August 29 in 1915 and died on the same day in 1892 at the age of 62.

Likewise, William Shakespeare, an English poet, playwriter was born on April 23 in 1564 and died in 1616 at the age of 52. Betty Friedan, a writer, and activist was born on February 4 in 1921, and died at the age of 85 in 2006. Machine Gun Kelly, whose real name was George Francis Barnes Jr was an Irish-American gangster. He was born on July 18 in 1900 and died at the age of 54 in 1954. Also, Grace Bradley who was an American film actress during the 1930s was born on September 21 in 1913, and died at the age of 97 in 2010. These are the few people who are born and died on the same date.

Number 6: The leapers

When talking about birthdays, how can we even forget about the leapers? The ones who were born on February 29 are called the leapers. February 29 comes once in 4 years which is called the leap year. This happens when the sun takes a little longer to complete its revolution. The sun takes about 6 hours longer than the 365 days which is 8760 hours. The famous leapers are:

  1. Ja Rule, a hip-hop artist was born on February 29 in 1976.
  2. Dina Shore, a pop singer was born on February 29, 1916, and died on February 24 in 1994 at the age of 77.
  3. Lena Gercke, a famous model was born on February 29 in 1988.

So here are the few facts which can be considered as strange and funny about birthdays. Tell us if you have already heard about the mentioned facts above, if not tell us if you liked the facts we have shown. Don’t forget to like and share our page. Keep supporting us.

Happy weekends!

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