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Top 8 Food Ideas for Office Birthday Party

Food Ideas for Office Birthday Party:- There are certainly a lot of places to celebrate one’s birthday. Having a party at home or at a restaurant would be a lot of fun. However, sometimes thinking out of the box and making arrangements -for a party at someone’s own office or work is even better.

A person spends at least 7-8 hours a day with his office colleagues making it just like a second home. So, having a birthday party at the office would be the best thing to forget about the work for some time and enjoy one another.

Making arrangements for a party at the office is certainly a little more difficult than at a party venue or restaurant. You need to follow the rules and regulations of the office as well while trying to do your duty as well.

However, that does not restricts people from having fun, Right? With proper arrangements, you can make a party at the office a success.


When it comes to FOOD, you should be extra careful and pick out the menu according to the surroundings or environment. For the office, you need to have light as well as healthy and tasty food.

If you are about to throw a party for an office colleague or yourself at the office and are wondering about the food to take to the party, then you are at the right place. We have listed out some of the food items that are perfect for a small gathering or birthday party at the office.

Food Ideas for Office Birthday Party

1. Momo or dumplings:

Dumplings, the authentic Tibetan food is the best food for the office birthday party. If you are in Nepal or have even been to Nepal, you must be well aware of the craziness Nepalese have for the momos. Well, Why not!

MoMo Dumpling Recipes for Birthday

This is an awesome dish that is delicious as well as healthy. If you are willing to take momos to the office for the party, you can order from any restaurants that serve them in boxes of aluminum to protect the heat. If you have not tried out these, then you must try! You can order vegetable momos, chicken momos, buff momos, and much more.

2. Pizzas:

No matter how old a person is, no one does not like pizzas. While having an office party, you must have some pizzas of different flavors. You can take veg pizzas, chicken pizzas, cheese pizzas, tomato pizzas, and much more. You can get pizzas from any nearby restaurant.

pizza food recipes Foods ideas for birthday party at park

3. Restaurant-style chips and salsa:

For office staff who are quite grownups, you can make restaurant-style nachos or chips and salsa. There is something addictive about a good bowl of chips and salsa.

You can make chips and salsa at home and pack them to your office or you can order from any nearby Mexican restaurants. I am sure, as you sit down for the party, the bowl of chips and salsa becomes the instant hit. There are so many different types of salsa; thin chunky, fruit salsa, and much more.

4. Sandwiches:

Sandwiches are a healthy and tasty option for an office party. Just like for pizzas, you can order sandwiches from any nearby restaurant.

Though sandwich is a breakfast dish for most people, you can enjoy them any time of the day. And, especially in the office, this is easy to take and eat. So, I guess it is one of the most favored snacks for the office birthday party.

5. Vegetable Mayonnaise sandwich:

For an office birthday, these vegetable mayonnaise sandwiches come in handy. The wonderful tangy and creamy feel of mayonnaise is sure to make everyone glued to the sandwich. The tangy and creamy mayonnaise teams up with the crunchy vegetables to satisfy the oh-so-hungry staff of the office and all the party members.


6. Fruit and Jelly Sundae:

This is a dessert dish that you need to have at an office party. This dish is provided with some whipped cream, fruits, and jelly. All you need to do is chop up the fruits, mix them well with cream, let them chill in the refrigerator, and serve it well to the guests.

This fruit jelly sundae seems to be popular among kids, but trust me, it is equally famous among adults and grown-ups too. So, if you are having a party at the office, make sure you get these fruit and jelly sundaes.

7. Vegetable cutlet:

This snack desires no advent, even to a child! Vegetable Cutlets are one of the maximum popular snacks, not only in India but in popularity is spreading to the whole wide world.

In other places rather than in India, it’s far regarded as the call of Veg Patty and is used to make burgers and other snacks. The Vegetable Cutlet is a yummy snack that combines a horde of greens with a variety of spice powders, with mouth-watering outcomes!


The spice powders, particularly the garam masala and the amchur powder provide the cutlet a multi-faceted flavor that combines spice with a bit of tang. The veggies supply the cutlet a truly best mouth feel this is gentle however now not mushy.

8. Burrito Bowl:

Burrito is one irresistible snack for any kid. It seems a little complicated, but it is easy to make a dish that does not consume much time. To prepare this, rice is boosted with veggies and appropriate ketchup and seasoning are done.

Finally, it is layered with beans, salsa, and cheese. To make it even more special, nacho chips are added to it. This Mexican cuisine is something that needs to be in any kid’s birthday party to spice up the party even more.

So, if you are having a party at the office for any of the office staff’s birthday, you need not worry about the food anymore. The above-listed food items are perfect for any kind of birthday party at the office. Hopefully, these suggestions will be of help to you. Good Luck!


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