What To Give Your Ex-Boyfriend On His Birthday? 12 Gifts for Him
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What To Give Your Ex-Boyfriend On His Birthday? 12 Gifts for Him

Happy Birthday Gifts or Presents for Ex-boyfriend : – Are you totally over your past relationship and want to maintain a good friendship with your ex-boyfriend? If yes, then his birthday would be a special day to start a new friendship. Let him know you have no hard feelings and want to remain friends with him with some good birthday wishes and a special gift.

Make his birthday special by gifting him some of his favorite things. I know searching for the perfect gift for your ex-boyfriend would be difficult as you have to be extra careful not to give something that would remind him of his lost love. Therefore, we have come up with 10 different birthday presents that you can give to your ex-boyfriend on his birthday.

12 Happy Birthday Gifts or Presents for Ex-boyfriend

So, let’s get started. Check out our favorite picks.

  1. Men’s shaving set

Something men need to do every day is shaving the beard. So, get a shaving kit to your ex-boyfriend that he would need to use every day. A shaving kit includes many things like razors, before shave and after shave creams, blades and other shaving creams. This kit gives a perfect shave every time.

Men’s shaving set
  1. Casual men’s watch

A watch as a gift never goes out of fashion. On this birthday, get a good branded wrist watch to your ex-boyfriend. Different types of watches are available, like a wristwatch, hand watch, ceiling watch etc. The best one would be giving the wrist watch.

men smart watch

Different brand of watches are available like Rolex, UlysseNardin, Chopard, Patek Philippe etc. choose the one that comes under your budget and give it to your ex-boyfriend. He would totally appreciate it.

  1. Some chocolates

As an ex-girlfriend, you must be aware of your ex-boyfriend’s favorite chocolates. On his birthday, you can pick up some of his favorite chocolates and pack it up beautifully and present it to him with awesome birthday messages. Giving chocolates is the safest way to not get extra close to him.

dark chocolates
  1. A mobile case

Want to buy something inexpensive for your ex-boyfriend on his birthday, then go for a mobile case. But before buying, make sure you know the mobile he possesses and buys accordingly. This could be simple, inexpensive and a perfect gift for your past love of your life.

iphone case mobile
  1. Good books

There is a saying, a book worth reading is worth buying. So, buy your ex-boyfriend a good book that is worth reading. I am sure, in case he is a voracious reader, he will love the books given to him on his birthday. Good books will definitely revive him from his bad memories. Make sure you buy the ones by his favorite writer.

books image
  1. Some cool gadgets

Various types of cool gadgets like mobile phones, I-pads, watches, games, and other accessories are good to be gifted to your ex-boyfriend on his birthday. Get him his best gadget which he has been wanting to get for years. I am sure he will appreciate your sweet gesture.

apple laptop mobile gadget
  1. Fitness items

Are you shopping for your fitness freak ex-boyfriend? If yes, then get some of the fitness gifts or items. The best fitness items would be fitness watch, ropes, fitness shoes, dumb bell, sports shades, cardio machines etc. Get the one that you think your ex-boyfriend does not possess buy would love to get one. So, go for buying some of the fitness items as the birthday gift to your ex-boyfriend.

physiotherapy Fitness items
  1. Backpack

A backpack is always necessary for a guy whether for a sports day out, camping or for regular use. A perfect backpack never gets unused. So, as a birthday gift, give your ex-boyfriend a backpack. While choosing the one, get the one with maximum compartments so that he can keep his things properly in the bag. A backpack makes a totally cool birthday gift for your ex-boyfriend.

adventure man backpack hills trekking mountains
  1. Clothes and accessories

I am sure clothes and accessories make the good gift for anyone. Even for your ex-boyfriend, you can give some of the cool clothes or accessories. Since there are lots of clothes available, you can choose any. T-shirts, shirts, pants, shoes, bracelets, hand bands, sweatshirts etc can be good options for gifts. Make your choice depending upon your budget and his likings and buy the clothes and accessories.

suit dress outfit men boys
  1. Gaming gadgets

For your gamer ex-boyfriend, why not to gift gaming systems. For a whole new gaming experience, you can get a Play Station. This play station provides good gaming experience with hundreds of pre-loaded games. You can get one and give it to your ex-boyfriend on his birthday with sweet birthday wishes and messages.

virtual gaming gadgets man
  1. Photo frames

Last, but not the least, you could get your ex-boyfriend a photo frame. There are various types of photo frames with the different design, colors, and sizes. Get the one which you think would be appropriate to him and buy the one. But, make sure not to keep your picture on it. I would make your relationship a little complicated. Just get a photo frame without any photos.

picture photo frames
  1. Flower vase

Flower vase could be a little girly, but who doesn’t like to light up the room with beautiful flowers and flower vase. So, make your ex-boyfriend’s day refresh with fresh flowers and flower vase. Get a beautiful flower vase with fresh live flowers and gift it to your ex-boyfriend on his birthday. I am sure he will love it.

flower vase

These 11 items could make a perfect gift for your ex-boyfriend on his birthday. But, make sure not to overdo anything so you do not give any wrong ideas about your relationship. Be nice and be best friends forever. And, birthdays are the best days to start new friendship and forget about the past.

Good luck.

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