100 Happy Birthday Wishes For Son From Mom and Dad – Quotes, Messages, SMS & Cards Collection

Son, hope your day gives you great views of all the good you do in the world and a clear picture of how much you are loved.

Son— You’re smart, successful and independent, and it’s not just because of heredity. Nope, nagging had something to do with it, too! Happy Birthday

Life Is Great With A Son Like You. Son, you’re the source of so much joy.  You’re the bringer of smiles, the reason for the biggest laughs, and the center of so much fun in life. Here’s to celebrating the good guy and great son you are! Happy Birthday.

Son, it all went by so fast the stages, the school years, the ups and the downs, each with its own highlight reel. On your birthday, I like to rewind it all and play it back, feeling so thankful to be a part of your life then, now, always.

Happy Birthday to a SON who’s strong dependable handsome and pretty awesome all around Just telling it like it is.

Son, not so long ago in earth years, something awesome happened. You were born. And every birthday since then, the universe has smiled with pride. Happy Birthday.

Son, you are my sunshine. One of the best things about having you for a son is that, as you’ve grown, I’ve grown, too. You’ve taught me a lot about love, loyalty and courage. And as I celebrate another year of having you, I want to tell you that I’m so proud of you, that I love you and that I’ll always be here for you. Happy Birthday.

Son, today we celebrate another year of having you. You put your heart into everything you do and face every challenge with courage and strength. You fill our hearts with pride and bring endless joy to our family. For all you are and all you do, we celebrate your life today. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday, Son. My dream for you is that you make all your dreams come true.  I know in my heart you can because no matter how many walls spring up in front of you, you find a door and walk on through. My wish for you is that you always feel as loved and celebrated as you are and that this year will be as wonderful as you deserve. I Love You, Son.

There is an incredible satisfaction and there are feelings of pure pride and joy when you get to see your own kids become wonderful, confident, caring people. You’d like to think you might have had a little something to do with it but you know that really, it’s just one more gracious gift from our faithful and loving Heavenly Father. You’re doing a great job, Son, and today we’re celebrating you, the wonderful ‘you’ God made, and all the ways God is working through you. Happy Birthday.

Your birthday is always so special, always filled with so many wonderful memories of watching you grow up. Now that you are a grown-up, it’s also filled with admiration for the wonderful man you’ve turned out to be. Then, now, always having you for a son is such a blessing. So proud of you. Happy Birthday.

Endless love, undivided attention, eternal mimes, eternal affection and infinite care. These are the things we can do for you, our dear son. Keep happy and happy birthday!

Our child, you will always be. You will always be the piece of our heart. The apple of our eyes, you will always be. The purpose of our life, you always will be. Happy birthday so.

You are the apple of our eyes and our greatest bundle of happiness. You make us very happy and proud every day with all the things you do. Happy birthday dear son. It is such an exciting experience to see our cute little boy grow up and become a wonderful person. I wish you the best, dear.

You are a miracle of one in a billion for us. You have blessed our lives with your fun, kind and caring ways. Happy Birthday!

Children like you should be called suns because you are, literally, the bright light of our lives. Happy Birthday.

Having a great son like you is definitely the best thing that has ever happened to our lives. I will always be proud of you, happy birthday my dear son!

You are a kind person, with a good heart. It matters to you, not because you need it, but because you want. God bless you. Happy Birthday son.

The warmest birthday wishes for the smartest and most handsome guy! We wish you the best on your special day and every day!

Congratulations on your special day, dear! You are a wonderful person, we appreciate all the special moments we share.


Thank you for allowing us to be the best parents we can be, just for being yourself, a wonderful and wonderful child.

Time flies very fast, you have become a great young man, but you will always be our sweet child in our hearts. Have a wonderful day, dear!

“Frogs and snails and puppy tails”. You are all that, but much more, my sweet son. You are responsible for all the energy, goodness and joy in our home. Happy Birthday!

Dear son, no matter how much you have grown, for us, you will always be our most beloved and intelligent baby. Wishing you a very happy birthday. May all your dreams and wishes come true!

Son, we think about your world and we love you very much. We hope you have a happier birthday and an even happier and healthier future.

The best wishes of love for our incredible son! We are very proud that you have become a great person, full of love and care for others. Have an unforgettable day, our dear son!

Happy birthday to a son that generates so much energy in our house. Thanks to you, all the days of our lives are full of adventures, new discoveries and fun, fun, FUN!

Dear son, as you blow the candle on your cake, always remember that your love is like a candle that will always burn in our hearts. Happy Birthday!

On your special day, we wish you strength and determination to achieve all your goals and touch the stars! Happy birthday, dear son!

Only a few parents have the privilege of being blessed with a gifted child like you. Happy birthday to everyone’s best son!

Thank you son for giving us the opportunity to become the best parents you will ever have. Have a grand celebration and i am very happy for you.

You are loved by the intelligent child you were, the lovely person you are now and the wonderful son you will always be. Enjoy your great day!

Our Son is part of us, we could never. Our Son loves us so much, he should never. On his birthday, I pray for his health and his favor! Bring us a daughter-in-law very soon.

We are very fortunate to have a fantastic son like you. You have always been inspiration to many children. Happy Birthday son!

Dear son, wherever life brings you and whatever effort you choose, I want you to know that I will always be proud of you. I love you and happy birthday!

You are one of the most beautiful things that have happened to me. I am so grateful to god that you are my son. Happy birthday to you, my son!

The most precious memories and the happiest moments of my life revolve around the smiles and laughs of a single person, my son. Happy Birthday.

You changed the world as soon as you entered. Time flies so fast that you have become much stronger and bigger, but you will always be my baby.

Every day, we thank our lucky stars who have come to our world. You are the sweetest guy of all. Happy Birthday son!

I cannot believe that one year has passed so fast, my sweet son. You keep growing, learning and amazing. I am hoping for many more happy years with bright future. Happy Birthday.

We always believe that miracles happen to one in a billion. Until we have you, we never thought that we would be among the lucky ones. Happy Birthday!

Regardless of whether you have become a young teenager or have become an old man, it will always be our little bundle of joy. Happy Birthday son!

We are from the old school, so we will hug you on your birthday instead of pressing the “like” button on your Facebook and we will sing Happy Birthday instead of tagging you on Twitter tweets. Happy Birthday son.

We have always been proud of you. Now more than ever, our hearts are full of pride, because you have become an extraordinary person, so full of love, care and joy. Happy birthday, dear boy!

No matter how much we scold you, always remember that behind the temporary drops of anger there is an ocean of eternal love waiting to embrace you. Happy Birthday son.

Dear son, when you feel that life is costing you so much, just come to me and I will give you a hug. No matter how old you are, for me, you will always be my little son. I wish you have a happy birthday!

No matter how old you are, you will always be the love of both of you because you are the gift sent by the Almighty in our lives and enlightened our lives with your smile and your love. With a lot of love, I wish you a very happy birthday, my love!

We wish that each day of your life be blessed with happiness and success. We wish that each day is perfect for you full of smiles and hopes. Happy birthday dear son. Celebrate this special day with enthusiasm and enthusiasm!

Today is the day to thank God for sending us into our lives, for making our dreams come true, for giving us a reason to live and enjoy life. You are the most wonderful son anyone could have and we are very lucky to have you. Happy birthday our love

You have always made us proud parents with your hard work, your behavior and your success. We just want to thank Almighty for the blessing with the most amazing guy that is the reason for all our smiles. Happy birthday !!!

Wherever life takes you, regardless of the goals you seek, I will always be very proud of you. Have a wonderful birthday!

I want to wish you a lot on this special day: tasty cake, joy, laughter, many friends and, especially, make the most special memories!

I am so excited about celebrating your special day and I am very happy today. May god gives you strength and courage to tackle any problem of your life.

Dear son, our blessing is always with you. Now you are 20 and I am very happy for you. Happy Birthday.


Author: Rita Mahato

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