500 Birthday Wishes, Messages, SMS, Quotes for Daughter From Mom & Dad

Dear Daughter, You’ve grown up so much in one short year from a tiny baby to a darling little girl with all the personality in the world.

There will be many adventures and changes in store for you. But one thing will never change. How loved you are and have been ever since the moment you became you. Happy 1st Birthday.

Seeing a daughter blossom into a wonderful mother is one of life’s sweetest gifts.” One of the greatest joys in life is watching our family grow seeing a beautiful daughter grow up to become a warm and caring mother with children of her own seeing family values and traditions continue and seeing the love that holds all of us close become richer and deeper with time. You’ve always been, and will always be, a wonderful daughter. Happy Birthday.

We’ve loved you from the very start, but nothing could have prepared us for the joy of seeing you grow into the woman you are. Always knew you’d make us proud, just didn’t know how much. Happy Birthday, daughter.

A daughter leaves your home but never your heart. You’ll always be loved. Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday, Daughter, From Both of Us.

“One of the best things in life is having a daughter to love.” We see a little part of us in everything you do, And then we look again and see a unique person you!

What marvels you’ve accomplished and important things you’ve done, What love you’ve brought into our lives, what laughter and what fun. That’s why we feel so happy when we celebrate this day. We’re proud of you and love you so much more than words can say. Happy Birthday.

Daughter, Celebrating you and the many gifts you’ve brought to my life. Happy Birthday.

Daughter, You’re so bright and strong,  smart and good-hearted,  you deserve every happy thing that comes your way.  So whatever you’re wishing for today,  I’m wishing for you, too. Happy Birthday With Love.

Happy Birthday with Love. You are loved for who you are someone unique and beautiful and totally herself.  Hope you know that you deserve all the happiest things in life, today and always.

It doesn’t matter how grown-up you get. You’ll always be my little girl. Happy Birthday, a daughter.

Never forget how unforgettable you are. Happy Birthday to a daughter who’s grown up so beautifully and is loved so much.

When you have a daughter who makes you proud, makes you laugh and, very often, makes your day, you know what joy is. When you have a daughter who is a good person with a gracious heart and a gorgeous spirit you know what peace is. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

When you have a daughter whose beauty (inside and out) is matched only by her compassion for others, you know what love is. You are my daughter and i am very proud on that.  Happy Birthday.

A daughter’s love lights up every corner of your heart. For being such a beautiful part of our lives for giving us both so much happiness and so many reasons to be proud, we love you. Happy Birthday.

Daughter, remember to make time for yourself, enjoy your own company, and always listen to your heart. Do the things that make you smile, and appreciate the things that make you “you.” Because life isn’t days and years,  it’s what you do with time and with all the goodness and grace that’s inside you. So make a beautiful life, the kind of life you deserve.

We want you to have moments when you’re overcome with wonder and times when you just can’t believe how good life is to you. But the biggest wish we have– the one we make with all our hearts– is the simple hope that you will go through each and every day knowing you’re a daughter who’s not only loved but treasured, and knowing you have parents who will always feel that way. Happy Birthday.

Wishing you infinite amounts of laughter and love. Wishing you everything that makes your life full and your heart happy. Happy Birthday.

Daughter Look at you so grown up, so gorgeous, so sure of yourself! I must have done something right ’cause you’re doing everything right. So Proud of You Happy Birthday.

Strength to try anything, talent to succeed, courage enough to fail, wisdom to learn, and resilience to bounce back even stronger these are the things that make you who you are. We’ll always be proud of you. Happy Birthday with lots of love.


From first holding the precious gift of a daughter to sharing in each new discovery you made. From loving the laughter and drying the tears to living all the priceless moments that only mothers and daughters know. From caring for you as a baby to admiring you as a grown-up friend.  I’ve loved being the mother of a daughter as wonderful as you. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

From feeling so proud and protective as you took your first footsteps in life to knowing you couldn’t stay my little girl forever. From wanting you to be safe and happy to supporting you as you tried new things. From loving you for who you were to respecting the person you’ve become. I’ve loved being the father of a daughter as wonderful as you. Happy Birthday.

I love the spirit of you, the grace with which you welcome each challenge, the childlike wonder that still colors your days. I love purely you,  your willingness to stand in any circumstances, your way of tackling of problems. Happy Birthday.If hearts got to choose, mine would always choose you because you’ll always be like a daughter to me. You’ll always be a beautiful gift in my life. Happy Birthday.

You’re kind of like a daughter to me which makes sense, because you’re all kinds of wonderful! Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

Laughter, changes, new adventures, Just can’t wait to see the challenges you’ll take on next, the blessings that will be. So hope you feel excited, too, for all life has in store. And hope you know that with each year we love you even more. Happy Birthday.

Daughter, celebrating the wonderful day our world was graced by you. From the very first, your dreams were our dreams, your hopes became our hopes, and things that made you happy made us happy, too. What a beautiful gift it’s been to get to watch you grow and change into the woman you are now. Celebrating you, Daughter, and all the ways you’ve added richness and color to our lives. Happy Birthday.

As a daughter, you bring so much pride, always glad to share, Helping out and coming through, showing that you care. As a person, you bring so much joy, always warm and giving, Looking on the bright side, finding fun in daily living. To everything you do, you bring a very special touch, As a person and a daughter you’re loved so very much! Happy Birthday.

A little guide to life for a lovely daughter on her birthday. Be good to yourself. Never settle for less. Seek out your dreams. Start small. Take it as it comes. Even a butterfly has to inch along before getting its wings. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

Listen to your heart. Trust your gut. If the way seems unclear, look within you.  Let your voice be heard. Stay curious. Wonder. Take every opportunity to learn. Knowledge is a gift. It will take you places. Happy Birthday, honey.

Daughter, anyone can see that you’re smart, talented, beautiful, and pretty extraordinary. But just for the record, we noticed it first. Enjoy your birthday!

A daughter is a gift that keeps giving, keeps surprising, keeps bringing smile after smile. Every stage of your life has brought its own special joys. Love you so much proud of you always. Happy Birthday.

Maybe you don’t realize what a blessing you’ve always been. Maybe you rarely think about the pride you bring to everyone around you. But, Daughter, you’re very special, and this comes with all the love a heart can hold to wish you a very happy birthday.

Baby girl is now a grown woman. So proud of you, so happy for you,  so glad to see you grow into the beautiful, strong, competent, and confident woman you are. Happy Birthday, my darling.

A daughter grows up and becomes a woman, but the things you wish for her don’t change much at all. You wish her bright stars to dream under, clear paths to walk, and faith to light her way. Love you so much. Happy Birthday With So Much Love.

You are beautiful inside and out. When I look at you, Daughter, I see a beautiful blend of past and future. I see parts of me, but I also see that you are truly unique, with a spirit and strength that is all your own. Looking at you, I see so much to be proud of and so much to love. Happy Birthday.

You’ll always be the joy of my life. Daughter, I’ve muddled my way through being your dad, there’s something else I’ve been doing I’ve been loving you with all my heart. Always have. Always will. Happy Birthday.

Daughter, How’d you get so awesome? Maybe it’s your smile, your smarts, or that fearless, go-after-it attitude. It’s almost ridiculous that so many good things could fit in one person. Some of that must have come from your family’s very attractive gene pool… Right? No one could take credit for all of your incredible traits and talents, but we’d sure like to try. Thanks for being the kind of daughter it’s so fun to brag about.

Some things bring joy for a moment. Having you for a daughter brings joy for life.

Free Spirit. Strong Mind. Good Heart. Everything a parent could want in a daughter–and then some. Happy Birthday with Love.

Daughter, I’ve loved you from the very first moment. And as the years have gone by, every hug, kiss, and “I love you” has brought you closer to my heart. No matter how near or far you are–my love will always be with you. Happy Birthday.

Daughters make us laugh, make us proud, keep us guessing, keep us amazed. And always touch our hearts. Wishing you a Happy Birthday.

A daughter is the sweetest blessing. Today as I watch you having another birthday, I cannot cease to give thanks to God for your presence in my life. You fill my days with sweetness, tenderness, inspiration, gratitude much gratitude. Happy Birthday.

The world is yours today. Make your own place, be your own person, and let all the goodness within you shine. You’re an amazing daughter and you deserve a wonderful birthday.

The sweetest part about having a daughter is when she grows up to be a friend. You’re a wonderful daughter who’s also a friend and I couldn’t love you more.

The best flowers come from our very own garden. So proud to have a daughter like you who grows brighter and more wonderful every day. You’re loved more than you could possibly imagine. Happy Birthday.

Growing up, you were always rushing headlong into life. Hardly waiting for one phase to end before starting something new. But today, it’s easy to see why you couldn’t wait to become who you are someone as strong as she is beautiful, someone who makes her family so very proud. Happy Birthday.

We wish you more than happiness on your birthday. We wish you a year that sparkles with fresh possibility because you’re an amazing daughter, and you deserve it. Happy Birthday.


Author: Rita Mahato

I am Rita Mahato, an employee in a Birthday Party Palace in Chicago, USA, who has deep knowledge about society and celebration.