500 Birthday Wishes, Messages, SMS, Quotes for Daughter From Mom & Dad

Birthday Wishes for Daughter from mom & dad: – Daughters are the little princess for every parent. No matter how old they get, every daughter deserves to be given a very special treatment by her parents on her birthday. So, if your little girl’s birthday is coming near. You must plan on making your daughter’s birthday a very special day.

We have come up with 60 birthday wishes and quotes for your daughter. A mother or father can show her/his love to a daughter by conveying these messages to her. You can either post it on Facebook or send it to her in written form just to make your daughter cheer up on her most special day; her Birthday!

500 Birthday Wishes for Daughter

1st b’day b’day text msg.

A very happy Birthday my sweetie! May you always trust in yourself and chase your paradise, wherever it takes you! Your dad and mom love you the most!

2nd greetings.

I am so happy that god gifted me a daughter like you right from the heaven. You are my little angel. Happy Birthday!

3rd quotes

Happy birthday darling daughter! You entered into my life and drastically changed everything, forcing me to watch the beauty for the first time and every single moment ever since.

4th SMS.

You are the sweetest daughter any father could have. You have brought joy, beauty and the sunshine in my heart than I could have ever imagined! You are daddy’s little princess!

5th wishes.

I am not aware what I did in my past life to get a daughter like you in this life. Whatever I did, it must have been good to end up with an amazing daughter like you in this life. Happy Birthday Sweet Heart!

6th birthday wishes.

Right, when we think you can never get any more adorable, wonderful, caring and beautiful; you do! You amaze us big time sweetie.

7th birthday messages.

You have given us something that only a good daughter give- concern, loyalty, love, devotion and happiness. We wish you get all the happiness in the world. You truly deserve everything god has to grant to his people!

8th messages.

I am very obliged to god that he made you my daughter. I am thankful for you kindness, friendship, support, love. And, more than everything, I am happy to give it all right back to you. Happy Birthday, dearest daughter!

9th sms.

Happy birthday daughter
You make me laugh
You make me cheer
You make me honored
You make me proud
I promise I will always be with you to do the same for you!


Happy Birthday Dear Daughter, you have brought the sunshine into our lives more than the sun can provide to the universe. We love you more than you can ever imagine.

11th b’day text msg.

Happy Birthday princess. May you always shine lighting up everything you touch, especially the lives of us.

12th greetings.

Hi, Princess. You are the sources of everything that is in our life. Love, Happiness, and pride. Hope you will have a truly blasting Birthday.

13rd quotes

Ever since you came to my life, your birthday has been an occasion when we celebrate with lots of joy, pride, and love. It is because of your joy, pride, and love. Happy Birthday!

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14th SMS.

Here’s wishing the most amazing girl the most amazing birthday ever.

15th wishes.

Today, on your birthday, I wish you get the strength to cope up with every challenge you get in the life. Happy Birthday!

16th birthday wishes.

To your mom and me, you are more precious than pearls, diamonds or gems in the world. We cannot put a price tag on you, dear daughter. A very happy birthday to you!

17th birthday messages.

Whatever road you take to make your dreams come true, count on us to be there with you with all our support, blessings and love. Hope you achieve your dreams!

18th messages.

Today is my most special day as this day before 20 years ago, my little came to this world to make me and my world get better. Happy Birthday dearest!

19th SMS.

Happy birthday to my princess. It is very hard to believe that you have grown so big now. However, for me, you will forever remain a child. God Bless you!


We want to wish our most smart, charming and fun loving girl a very happy birthday! You rock our world!

21st b’day b’day text msg.

Best wishes to my beautiful daughter who is celebrating her birthday today. May you remain happy today, tomorrow and every day in the future. We love you.

22nd greetings.

No matter how many birthdays you celebrate, for me, you are a little doll whom I adore the most. Happy Birthday!

23rd quotes

As a mother, I am always keen to see my daughter flying high in the sky and achieve all her dreams. Happy Birthday my doll!

24th SMS.

I feel so proud that at the very young age, you have already identified your goal, vision, and purpose in life. May god give you more opportunities and fewer obstacles in your way to achieving the goals of your life. Happy Birthday dear doll. Your Mama is always there when you need her.

25th wishes.

Big shout out for our daughter who is celebrating her birthday today. We love you baby girl and also hope you enjoy your day with my home made cake and chocolates. Happy Birthday!

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26th birthday wishes.

As you came to our house as a new member of the family, the whole house brightened up. Even today, that light has not faded rather increased over the years. You are that light. Happy Birthday dear girl!

27th birthday messages.

My little butterfly, you are smart, crazy, beautiful, funny, and lovely. I love you to space and back a billion times. Have a great birthday!

28th messages.

Happy birthday to the amazing daughter who never fails to amaze me with knowledge, intelligence, and beauty. You are one in a billion.

29th SMS.

As soon as you came to our life, the world around us became more colorful and meaningful. We have shared many amazing moments and hope to share lots more of that in the future. Love you forever and ever!


Here’s wishing my daughter a very special and happy birthday. Never lose hope in you and always follow your passion no matter what others feel or say. Follow your heart and you will touch the sky.

31st b’day b’day text msg.

Very very happy and joyful birthday to our precious girl. You are our source of happiness, pride, joy, love and everything else. Love you always.

32nd greetings.

Dear daughter, your presence in our life is so wonderful that without you our days become dull. You are my source of energy baby. Happy Birthday and never leave us!

33rd quotes

Beautiful and lovely, innocent and friendly, cute and pretty.
Dearest daughter, you are of above. Endless is our love for you princess.
Happy Birthday!

34th SMS.

More than being an obedient daughter, you have always been our friend who supported us in every small and big decision for the family. We love you for that. Happy Birthday!

35th wishes.

Happy Birthday Darling Daughter
Here is a wish for your life long happiness from your father.
May your all dreams come true.

36th birthday wishes.

Baby girls are like the warm rays of sunshine on a cold day and cold breeze of air on a hot day. You are same for us. You have given us lots of happiness. Happy birthday to you baby!

37th birthday messages.

Yet again your birthday is here and yet again I am here to send loads of love on your way. Happy Birthday to the sweetest and amazing girl in the world.

38th messages.

Happy birthday daughter. Your lovely nature, kindness, passion and carefree nature take my breath away and amaze me a lot. Today, I wish to give you a lot of love you cannot handle. Happy Birthday!

39th SMS.

Your mother and I feel very proud that our little girl has grown up to be such a good young beautiful woman. We can never be happier to see you happy. Be happy always little girl!


My darling daughter, you have always been so wise and good. And your sweet smile makes me very happy. Happy birthday!

41st b’day b’day text msg.

To our dear daughter
Always raise your dreams high
And don’t feel afraid to fall
Because we are always here to catch you
Happy Birthday!

42nd greetings.

My daughter, when I look at you, I remember all the love, care, and support you have provided to me. You have always been a very good girl to us. Happy Birthday Dear! Love you a lot!

43rd quotes

Dearest daughter, you are always treasured in my heart and mind. May your birthday bring you good luck and happiness! I love you bunches! Happy Birthday!

44th SMS.

Dear daughter, on your most special day, may god provide you sweetest surprises and pride. Happy Birthday!

45th wishes.

I, as a mother, have seen you grow into an amazing person that you are today. And with each passing day, may you grow into the more amazing person. I hope you get all the happiness you wish for. Happy Birthday!!

46th birthday wishes.

We always supposed that the loveliest memory of our lives would be the exact moment you held our fingers with your tiny fingers. But every single priceless instant of watching you grow up has made lives of us as beautiful as a lovely poem. Happy birthday!

47th birthday messages.

To our adored daughter, from the very first moment we rested our eyes on you, we have been believed that miracles really happen. Happy Birthday to you and May you always sparkle in your life.

48th messages.

My dear daughter, may your each moment is filled with soft rhythm of the music. We love you very much, dear.

49th SMS.

Dearest daughter, whatever road you decide to venture in, always keep in mind that we are always there to support you in your every step. Happy Birthday baby!


Dear daughter, thank you so a lot for providing us a chance to be your parents. We are truly delighted and happy to be your parents. You have made our life so beautiful that we can never repay you for your kindness! Happy Birthday!

Birthday Wishes for Daughter

51st b’day b’day text msg.

My dear daughter, no matter what you do in your life, just remember that you have your parent’s blessings for every step of your life. We might scold you at times, but trust me, there is a lot you love for you in our heart! Today, as you celebrate your birthday, just remember that your parents are very proud of whatever you do. Happy birthday Baby!

52nd greetings.

For a mother, the best part is having a daughter is that you can see the true reflection of you in her without even looking at the mirror. Happy Birthday!

53rd quotes

Happy birthday to the awesome daughter in the whole wide universe! What I truly admire about you is your patience, creation, joyful nature and positive attitude. A very happy birthday to you baby!

54th SMS.

Happy birthday to my lovely daughter! I love you and I constantly think of all the moments when we just laid back out on the sofa watching Tom and Jerry a billion times. And I can never think of anyone else with whom I could watch this cartoon again. I wish to rewind those cool and laidback moments with you dear. May we always remain the best of friends we are now!

55th wishes.

Happy birthday to our lovely, clever, caring and loving the little princess, we are so proud of you! May you always be enclosed by kind people just like you are. Hope your all dreams become a reality in the near future. I love you!

56th birthday wishes.

As you are stepping on your new chapter of life, your father and I cannot help but thank you for everything you did to us- from supporting us financially to loving us unconditionally. May this new year bring you more happiness than you have given to us. You deserve every little and big things in the world that you desire. A very happy and joyful birthday to you me dearest daughter! we love you

With these 55 different types of messages, you can make your daughter day a very special. For conveying this message, you can print these wishes on her favorite cup, t-shirts or paste on her wall on her birthday.
Choose the one that best fits for your daughter and conveys it to her. Make sure you make her as well as your day a very special one. Good Luck!

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