50 Birthday Wishes for Elder Sister in Law


Dear sister, I am really grateful to you as you have always been my support as a friend and as a sister. I really appreciate all the things you did for me. I hope you get everything you wish for. Happy Birthday to you!


I do not have a sibling and always wished for having a wonder sister in my life. As soon as I got married, I not only got an amazing husband, but also a caring and loving sister. You have given me a lot of joy. Happy Birthday dear sister in law.


With every passing day, the affection that I get from grows. So, today, as we are celebrating your birthday, I pray to god to shed blessings on you and make your life wonderful as you have made mine. Happy Birthday dear sister in law.


Ever since I met you, I can claim that there is no other person in the world as affectionate as you are. Today, on your birthday, I wish you get all the affection in the world as you share with others. A very happy birthday to you sister-in-law. May you always smile.

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Dear sister, you are stepping forward onto another wonderful year of your life. I hope you embrace it wholeheartedly and enjoy each and every moment to come. Happy Birthday sister-in-law.

50 Birthday Wishes for Elder Sister in Law


Very big congratulations on your success you have gained till this day. May this day, your birthday, bring much more opportunities and success for you. Happy birthday dearest sister.


Sis, thank you for being one of the most important people in our family who brings so much joy, fun, and happiness. I am so looking forward to tonight’s party. Let’s enjoy, dance the night out and make lots of memories. Happy Birthday to you.


Dear sister in law. You are completely fabulous. A very happy birthday to the most wonderful person in this world.


Have an amazing birthday, sister in law! May this new year of your bring with it lots of happy moments for you cherish for the lifetime.


A very warm and happy birthday to my sister in law. May you be blessed with tons of magical moments and lots of beautiful people around you to love you.



As you were cutting your cake, I remembered that, if it was not for this day, I would never get such an amazing sister in law in my life. Thank you for coming in this world and making our lives lot easier. Warm wishes to you on your birthday!


My beloved sister in law- although we not siblings by birth, we have become sisters by heart. I love you and adore you as much I would love and adore my own sibling. A very happy birthday to the most beautiful soul.


My darling sister in law- as soon as you entered this house, you brought with you lots of happiness, joy, and light to shed on all of us. I hope you continue to shine as brightly as the sun and shed your light to each of us. A very happy birthday to our sunshine.

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Beloved sister in law, may your house be filled with joy, blessings, and love for ever and ever. This is my wish to you on your birthday. Have a nice one dearest.


Dear sister in law, you are not just an amazing person, you are the most gentle daughter in law for my parents, awesome aunt for my children, supportive wife for my brother and most of all, inspirational human being for the rest of the world. You are truly a masterpiece. Happy birthday to you.

50 Birthday Wishes for Elder Sister in Law


Though we are in-laws, you always treated me like you own younger sister and I will always respect you for that. Happy birthday to you my lovely sister in law cum friend.


Having a supportive and strong sister in law has, in turn, make me stronger day by day. Every time I see you and have some conversation, you light me up with wisdom. Thank you for being such a nice sister in law and making our lives awesome. Happy Birthday to you.


As you came to this house, I not only got a sister in law. I got a friend with whom I can gossip about anything anytime. Happy Birthday to you. I love you!


I am sending my warm wishes to the special lady who also happens to be my sister in law. Happy birthday to you. May you always shine.


Happy birthday dear sister in law
You are a very special person and all of us are very bless to have you as a member of our family
May your entire day be filled with joy and
The days to come take out all the goodness to you.


As it is your birthday dear sister
I wish for all good things to line up for you
And may you become the best you can be
Happy Birthday to you.


Dearest sister in law, even if I could, I would never exchange you or trade you with any other thing in this world. You are the best thing that ever occurred to me. A very happy birthday to you.


Happy birthday to the most wonderful person in this world, My sister in law. I hope in the coming chapter of your life, the best in you opens up and you rise above the moon.


May all your inner desires, and dreams come true and you remain happy every moment of your life. These are my wishes for my sister in law’s birthday. Happy Birthday.


Happy birthday to my beloved sister in law
We were destined to meet each other
And be not only sisters but also good friends.
May god grant you laughter, luck, happiness, joy, and prosperity.


Dear sister in law, you are a very special girl and we are very grateful for having you in our family. A very happy birthday to my lovely sis. I love you.

These birthday wishes are the chosen ones for your sister in law. Use these amazing wishes or quotes and make your sister in law’s birthday very special to her and your entire family. Have fun and always remember to be best friends with your sister in law.

Good Luck.

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50 Birthday Wishes for Elder Sister in Law


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