500 Birthday Wishes for Elder Brother – SMS, Messages and Quotes Collection

Happy Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Elder Brother :- The bond between the brothers and sisters is unlike any other bond. The attachment between siblings stays strong despite sibling rivalry, fights, and constant arguments. However, if you have an elder brother, then must know elder brother takes a place in everyone’s heart just like that of a father. Elder brother loves his younger brother and sister more than anything else.

So, if you have an elder brother and his birthday is around the corner. Then seize this opportunity to let him know how lucky you are to have him. Let him know what you feel for him and also remind him all the funny and mischievous stuff that you did while growing up. All in all, make your elder brother’s day an amazing one!

Here are some funny, serious, heartfelt as well as humorous wishes that you can convey to your elder brother on his special day; Birthday!

500 Birthday Wishes for Elder Brother – SMS and Quotes Collection


Happy Birthday bro. As an elder brother, you have always supported me and helped me in each my endeavors. May your get success in everything you do.


Brother, you are not just my support, but my life’s pride as well. If you had not been with me all these years, I would have crushed up from inside. Happy Birthday to you bro. Have fun tonight!


You have set the perfect footsteps for me to follow. Having you as a big brother is a privilege bro. Happy Birthday to you.


Though we had our differences regarding the opinions, I loved you a lot and I know that you love me back equally. Today, I just want to remind you that, you are my true inspiration. Happy Birthday Dearest Bro!


Other kids idolize batman, superman or Spiderman. I just don’t need to look up for other people when I have you. You inspire me, support me, adore me and love you. It would be my privileged to be like you someday. I love you, bro. Happy Birthday.


On your birthday, I can only wish for our life long relationship as brothers and friends. Hope we never get separated and live like fish and water always. Happy birthday brother!


You are the one who taught me the importance of hard work. You always gave me lesion that Hard work is the key to success. Even today, I am moving on the philosophy you gave to me. I am really honored to be your little brother. Happy Birthday Bro!


On your born day, let us celebrate our brotherhood and promise to stand close to each other in the future as we have always done. Happy Birthday Bro!



Daring adventures, cute bloopers, funniest pranks and best conversations. I am glad I could share all my best and bad experiences with you. let’s make more memories of us this year. Happy Birthday!


Brother, you are the most handsome and amazing person who always stood beside your younger sister. Having a brother like you is my privilege. Happy birthday bro. May you always remain cheerful!


From teaching me to read alphabets to giving me life lessons- you have been my guiding star brother.


Although we fight and argue over stupid things, to me you are everything. I can’t imagine my single day without fighting you and loving you at last. Happy birthday to you from your little sister. I love you, bro!


You have always bailed me out of troubles anytime or anywhere, in spite of all the stupid things I did. Thanks for all your support brother.


In spite of all the quarrels and fights, I would like to confess that I love you from the core of my heart. Having a brother like you is a comforting feeling that nothing else can provide. Happy Birthday, brother.


No matter how distant we have become over the years, my day starts with remembering all the cool and funny stuff we did while growing up. You are always very close to my heart. Have a super amazing birthday!


Very warm wishes on your birthday, Bro. All the moments that we shared are cherished even today. Hope we have lots of them in the future to cherish for the lifetime.


You are the most inspirational person that I have met in my life. Thanks brother for all your support and guidance. Without you, my life would have been a hell. Today, as you celebrate your birthday, the only wish that comes from the deep inside my heart is that may you keep on inspiring the world with your works and positive attitude. Happy Birthday Brother.


While I say you are my excellent brother, I must say that you have also been my best friend. Happy birthday bro. Have fun tonight.


The best thing our parents have gifted me is an elder brother like you who love every bit of me and supports me in every step. Happy Birthday Bro. May we keep on loving each other like we do now for the life being.


Happy birthday coolest brother. Your little sister loves you the most in this entire world.


I wish god grand my favorite brother all his favorite things in his birthday and ever after. Happy Birthday brother.


Here’s wishing my elder brother a very very joyous and excellent birthday. You have been an amazing brother and will have a very special space in my heart that no one can replace Have fun bro.


Dear brother, always groove to the beat of your heart and enjoy each and every moment of your life.
Your little sister!


As we are having fun at your birthday today, I cannot help but remember all you birthday surprises and gifts you have given me on my birthday. May your birthday bring you lots more good surprises and happiness. I wish you the best bro. Happy Birthday!


Many years hence as we get older, I would still like to fight with you, quarrel with you and watch a cartoon with you. You are not only my brother but also a friend. I hope we get to celebrate your hundred next birthdays so that we can forever be together supporting each other.

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I know I joke around a lot, but believe me when I say that you are the coolest brother and an amazing person. Happy Birthday Bro!


As our parent’s first child, you have been acting as a glue to keep this family intact and happy forever. very warm wishes to you from me any parents bro. You are definitely the most important person in our lives.


Very warm and best wishes to you on your birthday! Your presence has brought endless and innumerable happiness to us and to this world as a whole. Happy Birthday bro!


Even though we fight and quarrel a lot today, one day you will realize how much I cherish you in my heart as the best brother and the best friend. Very best wishes on your born day!


Many many congratulations and best wishes on your birthday. May you rise like Mt. Everest and shine like the sun. Happy Birthday, brother!


Dear brother, you are my support and guide in every sphere of the life. I am indebted to you way past any repayment. I wish you very best for the future.


Today I found our old reminiscences alive again and enjoyed recalling on our childhood. I know that the balminess of those acquitted days is still in our soul and will always remain forever. Happy Birthday.


May God sanctify you with every delight and happiness. Happy Birthday.


Dear Brother, You were my superhero right from the very beginning, and the reality is that I have always inspired to be just like you. Wishing you a content and jubilant birthday.


Even though there have been some instants between us when it was very difficult to say to you I liked you, brother, you must know that I have always respected you for who you are and love you like crazy. Happy Birthday bro!


On your birthday, let’s assume to never be detached from each other’s sentiment despite the geographical space between us. Your little brother’s best wishes for you.


Happy Birthday, brother. Okay, wishes done! Let us have a party! Cheers!


When I ponder of you, I can’t help but grin from pleasure. On your birthday, my every wish are for your joy and happiness. Happy Birthday!


Those moments and days of our juvenile that I shared with you are very valued to my heart, brother. I wish you super amazing birthday. Just like you are!


Do you recognize what a brother’s finest accomplishment can be? It is to be the noble friend of his little sister. And Bang! You have succeeded in doing so! You definitely are my best of the best friend whom I love a lot. Happy Birthday!


Nothing is pure and spiritual than my elder’s brother love and support to me. Happy birthday bro.


As you celebrate your birthday, I wish every mirror vanish from the world so that you would not know you have grown older. Still, happy Birthday!


Dear elder brother, as you are not young anymore, can I get to keep all your video games and play stations!


Today, on your brother, let’s have fun and bathe in champagne, eat birthday cake, and dance the night Out! Happy Birthday brother!


Happy Birthday brother! Thanks for doing everything good for me and the entire family. you are our saving grace.


There’s no place on this earth I would rather be than under your shadow. Happy Birthday to my older brother, who is the most amazing person in the world!


Being your younger brother of you has never been easy, but I have to confess that there nothing more fun than getting to complain about your nagging and bullying to the mother. Have fun today. I will spare you for this day only!


For your birthday, I’m giving you a precious present. I am going to treat you just like you have treated me in our childhood. But, just for this day. From tomorrow, my mischievous and annoying things starts. Happy birthday to the most patience person in the world.


To others, you are my elder brother, but to me, you are as simple as a superhero. Never change your perception, attitude and thinking bro, you are the greatest! Happy birthday.


Do you reminisce all those meaningless fights we had while growing up? Though thought like we were professionals in fighting, but truly we were just lame brothers who loved to beat each other. But, all those silly moments have made us very close to each other over the years. Happy Birthday bro.


Dearest elder brother, you have been such an inspiration to me and our little brother. Without your support and belief in us, we would not have made it this far. We owe you our lives, bro. we love you a lot. Today, we would like to make you feel special with homemade cake just for you. Enjoy and happy birthday from your sweet and monster little brothers.


Happy birthday dear brother. I am waiting for all the adventures we are about to venture in the next year.


We have had so many memories over the years that are priceless. I would never exchange those memories with anything else in this world. Those moments are memories are beyond a price tag. Keep on loving me, brother. You are the best! Happy Birthday.


Dear brother, may the new year of your long life be as fruitful as it has been in the past. Achieve all your dreams. Happy birthday


As an elder son of our parents, it was your responsibility to support them in every aspect. And you have been very successful. Today, I would like to assure you that someday, I will bear that responsibility to look after our parents and you too. Happy Birthday. I love you!

All these sweet, naughty and funny birthday wishes are just for an elder brother from the little sister or little brother. Make your brother happy and proud this birthday. Let him know how special he is in your life.

Gook Luck.

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