50 Happy Birthday Quotes Greeting Cards for Ex Boyfriend with Text Messages

26th sms.

I know you still hate me for what I have done in our relationship. But I hope you will forgive me realizing my situation. Happy B’day ex-boyfriend.

27th SMS.

Dear Ex-boyfriend, thank you for your break up. I hope you will soon realize my true love. Since it is your B’day, enjoy the day and Happy B’day.

28th sms.

Happy B’day ex-boyfriend. I hope from today we will forget all the hatred and grudges between us and continue as a friend.

29th SMS.

If I have known that you are only good as the friend then I would have never fallen in love with you. Happy B’day on your day and let’s be the only friend.

30th sms.

Though I have a boyfriend but I still remember the moments spent with you. I realized now that you were the best boyfriend of my life. Anyways, let’s forget it and celebrate your b’day. Happy B’day ex-boyfriend.

50 Happy Birthday Quotes Greeting Cards for Ex Boyfriend with Text Messages

31th sms.

We have proved the world that there still can be friendship even if the relationship is broken. I hope our friendship remain strong forever. Happy B’day.

Happy Birthday wishes sms messages quote greeting cards for ex boyfriend
Happy Birthday greeting cards for ex-boyfriend

32th sms.

I may not be with you in your rest of the life but I hope you will achieve whatever you want in your life. Happy B’day ex-boyfriend.

33th sms.

If you were in front of me, It feels like to kill you but how could I do that to you who have given such a good memories in my life. Happy B’day and best of luck for your life.

34th sms.

I don’t know I am right or wrong but I do know that I will never forgive you for what you have done for me. Happy B’day ex.

35th sms.

This message may anger your girlfriend but it is only to assure that I still love you and I know we will never me together again but thank you for your love. Happy B’day ex.

36th sms.

If you have always wanted to get married to her then why did you keep on promising that you love me and made feel happy. You are the worst boyfriend ever. Happy B’day and stay safe because I will make your life hard.

37th sms.

I was not sad about our breakup rather than seeing you with a girl the very next day of our breakup. I never realized you are so cheap. Anyway, thank you for the lovely time and happy B’day.

38th SMS.

Why should I be sad by our break up? You never loved me as I did you from deep inside my heart. I know you still don’t have the feeling for me as it was just a time pass for you but I hope you truly realise the meaning of true love one day. Happy B’day ex and have a great time with a new girl.

39th sms.

I know you don’t want to meet or read any messages of mine for what I have done. I truly regret what I have done but please do forgive me as you know the reason. Anyway, Happy B’day and I wish you will have a great day in coming days even without me.

40th sms.

How could I forget the last birthday we celebrated together at that top of the hill restaurant? As time has passed away and we are no more together, I still miss you. I wish you will have a great Birthday this time. Happy B’day ex.

50 Happy Birthday Quotes Greeting Cards for Ex Boyfriend with Text Messages

41th sms.

There was no reason that you broke such a strong relationship and there is no reason that we should make it again but I will be always missing that cool memory with you. Happy B’day ex.

42th sms.

As you have never taken our relationship seriously, it was a good decision that we part away. I am moving away from that and I hope you too are moving. Happy B’day and have a great time. God bless you.

43th sms.

I never want to hurt you by breaking our relationship but I had to. I am extremely sorry for that I know you will never forgive me. Anyway Happy b’day and let’s move away.

44th sms.

I have never imagined that this would ever happen to our relationship. But as I truly able to know your true face, it was good to break from the relationship. I will never forgive you for breaking my heart but I still do love you. Happy B’day ex.

45th sms.

To be your girlfriend was one of the best times of my life and I still this don’t want to miss this chance but life is not what you expect. Anyway, I am moving on from that breakup and I hope it doesn’t matter you. Happy B’day ex.

46th sms.

Yesterday we were the lover but today, we are the stranger. What has a surprises life given to us? Anyway, we should leave the past and move on for the better result. Happy B’day my ex.

47th sms.

It was you who never wanted to break this relationship and it was me that always tried to break it. I don’t know how to say sorry for not being a good girlfriend of yours. It was really a great time to be with you. Happy B’day ex-boyfriend and forgive me.

48th sms.

How could you betray me for that girl whom you have just met for a while? I know that one day you will truly realize the mistake you have done in your life and that will be too late. You will always remain in my heart. Happy B’day my unsuccessful love.

49th messages.

Can I call you friend even we broke up? I hope we can be friend again? Happy B’day my new friend.

50th messages.

I am glad that you have chosen your path and let me chose my own by breaking our relationship. I know you will regret what you have done for me and I will never forgive you. You taught a good lesson in my life. Anyway, Happy B’day and have a great day in your new life.

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50 Happy Birthday Quotes Greeting Cards for Ex Boyfriend with Text Messages

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