Top 10 Indian Food Ideas for Happy Birthday Party Celebration

Top 10 Indian Food Ideas for Happy Birthday Party Celebration

Are you one of those people who think birthday celebrations are only for kids and as someone grows old, the birthday should be kept a low-key affair? If yes, well you are definitely mistaken. These days, even adults, as well as elderly people, are up for birthday celebration. In fact, you should see Indian people who enjoy each and every special occasion, let alone be birthdays and live life to the fullest.

Indians celebrate all the occasions with equal passion. When it comes to the food, Indians are very passionate about eating too and have the largest set of cuisine in the whole world. Not only in India, are Indian cuisines very famous all over the world. So, while having a party, it can be a little difficult choosing few from the hundreds of finger licking good and delicious foods. To make things easy for you to choose a perfect menu for Indian adult’s birthday party; we have come up with this article. Here, we have listed out little Indian food that is sure to be an instant hit in the parties.

Top 10 Indian Food Ideas for Happy Birthday Party Celebration

  1. Rajma Chawal:

    Indian Birthday Party Food Ideas
    Indian Food- Rajma Chawal

Rajma chawal is one dish that Indians are crazy about. Why Not!! The tangy taste of rajma combined with well-cooked rice is definitely a lip-smacking dish! This dish is equally popular for Tiffin Treats for children as well as adults. For the party as well, you can prepare rajma chawal and serve it to the Indian guests. I am sure everyone will instantly fall for this food.  This can be the good choice for Indian Food Ideas for Birthday Party.

  1. Vada Pau (A form of Burger):

    Indian Birthday Party Food Ideas
    Indian Food-Vada Pau

Vada Pau is India’s very own Burger. This is a good snack for the birthday party which has Indians guests. Vada is a spicy potato that is served inside a small Bun ( Pav in Indian). Wherever you go in India, this dish is available in road side cafes to the fancy restaurants. This is something you must have on Indian Food Ideas for Birthday Party list!

  1. Chicken Tandoori:

    Indian Birthday Party Food Ideas
    Indian Food- tandoori chicken

Tandoori chicken is a spice and yogurt marinated chicken cooked in a cylindrical clay oven or Tandoor. It is the dish that Indians love to eat every day. For a birthday party, this amazing mouthwatering dish is the must. Easy to cook and delicious to eat, Chicken tandoori can be served with rice and bread as well. Make sure you make lots of chicken tandoori for an Indian Birthday Party Food Ideas.

  1. Pineapple and Tofu Pizzas (Spicy dish):

    Indian Birthday Party Food Ideas
    Indian Food- Tofu Pizza

To suit the Indian palate, why not to make pizzas with some spicy twist. This oriental cuisine is the unique spicy as well as sweet dish. To make this, the normal pizza base is topped with juicy pineapples with peppy herbs and of course some spice powders. Lastly, sprinkle some tofu and soy sauce to boost the taste of Pizza. This tangy, sweet, as well as spicy form, is dish is sure to be an instant hit in any Indian Birthday Party Food Ideas!

  1. Mumbai Style Bread Pakoda, with Potato stuffing:

    Indian Birthday Party Food Ideas
    Indian Food-bread padoda

For those who notion Vada Pav and Pav Bhaji to be the most effective bread-based roadside snacks, Bread Pakoda is sure to make you amazing. This dish is not only famous as a snack; it is something that is served as the snack in every Indian party. So, if you are having a birthday party for Indians, you must have a bread pakoda stall at some corner of the party venue.This is also on the list of Indian Birthday Party Food Ideas.

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