10 Unique Birthday Gifts for Employees, Office Staffs
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10 Unique Birthday Gifts for Employees, Office Staffs

Birthday Gifts for Employees, Office Staffs :- Birthdays come once in 365 days and sometimes February 29 is also added up in the year. You have been quite ignorant due to your hectic schedule and have not been able to adapt to all those social celebrations in your life. You are busy all day in your own respective works.

Talking about your work, you must have had lots of talk and conversations with your office staffs and colleagues. You may even have discovered his/her birthday.

So, here are top 10 scintillating gifts to give to your office staff on the auspicious occasion of his/her birthday:

10 Unique Birthday Gifts for Employees, Office Staffs

1. Headphones


You may have noticed your office staff several times and you may have found out that he is a damn music lover. In this case, you should gift him something that he would love, specifically something through which he would love to listen to awesome songs and music. Headphones of good quality can definitely fulfill your wish. Gifting him a headphone is likely to making him remember you every time he listens to music via your headphones.

2. Desk Accessory Organizer

Your office staff may have tons of work. He has a pen in his mouth cheats held by his lips and roll of tape in his hands. He is habituated to multi-tasking and he can’t be focusing on these small things as he is workaholic. So, if you want to gift him something useful as a gift on his birthday, then a desk accessory organizer may be the perfect gift for you to give him.

Desk Accessory Organizer Image

3. Coffee holder

This is a great birthday gift you can give to your co-owner who loves coffee but has a hard time in handling it. Your colleague may have a cup of coffee nearby, on his desk. But he may be spilling the coffee here and there which obstructs him a lot. So, the best thing you can give him on his birthday is a dazzling coffee holder which he can use to avoid small mistakes and errors. This can ultimately be the best birthday gift for him.

4. Art cube

The art cube looks great on his table, isn’t it? He may use it to shape and shift the pieces of cheats and papers. Not only that, but he may use it to play as well when he is bored or when he has nothing to engage himself in. It’s bright and colorful nature always keeps his desk alive and it’s equivalent to getting your home with colorful lights at dusk. So, yes if you can gift this to him on his birthday, it will be memorable, sustainable and have a great influence.

Art cube for office staff

5. Motivational sculpture

While on his birthday, give your office staff something that always pushes him for better and bright things. He may have great days and triumphs knocking his door. Similarly, there may be hard-up and difficult days for him too. That’s why, if you gift him a motivational sculpture which will be placed right at the center of his table, then this will help him to cope each and every circumstance well and he can cherish life.

6. Water balloon luminaries

Something different and something attractive! If this is your motto while buying a birthday gift for your staff, then water balloon luminaries is the perfect thing you can gift him. The luminaries look absolutely stunning and he will be glad that you had this for him on his birthday. Moreover, if it’s made by you itself, then he will feel even more special because he is a colleague of an evenly talented individual. SO, don’t delay, get one.

7. A Globe

Here is the most relevant thing that every office-bearer has in his workstation. If your colleague hasn’t had one and you are in a dilemma on what to gift him on his birthday the answer is pretty simple. Yes, it won’t cost you much and you can get it easily in the gift shops and markets. Get one and gift him and add something useful to his office table.

Globe Birthday gift for office staff

8. Surprise dinner party

If you are trying to gift him something; not specifically any material that would make his day, then how about a surprise dinner party? It seems cool. Just invite all the office staffs to the party and most importantly notify them to keep it a secret. Plan and mark the exact time when you’ll glow all the lights and cheer a HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish for him. This will make him spell bind and he will have a sleepless night.

Birthday surprise dinner party

9. Wine

A glass of wine is always better than anything else for a man. The hectic schedule has made your colleague an ox, incessantly ploughing himself in providing his service. What better option would it be than a wine to relief him from stress and enjoy and cherish the day that is actually meant for him. Selecta brand from the liquor store, pack it and just speak aloud CHEERS.

Wine for office staff

10. A message video

What basically you have to do is that call everyone; all the office bearers and record a visual message about what they feel about the birthday man and edit it, if necessary. When he’s done with all his works and he remains disappointed that nobody wished him, then you along with other staffs can surprise him with this epic message video. This could turn out to be the best birthday gift for him.

Here are the top 10 marvelous gifts that you can offer to your colleague and make his birthday even more special. I hope you liked the article. Please show your support by liking and sharing this in social media like facebook and google plus. Thank you.

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