8 Birthday Game Ideas for Adults

8 Birthday Game Ideas for Adults

Birthday Game Ideas for Adults: – Many of us believe that birthday is a day of celebration.  And why not it is? After all it comes once in a year. We can get gathered with family, friends or relatives to enjoy the day. There are many ways to cheer up the party. To add extra fun we can play some birthday games.

They are fun, exciting and interesting. Everybody loves to play them. So let’s have a look at following birthday game ideas for the adult.

8 Birthday Game Ideas for Adults

  1. Antakshari

It is one of the most popular games. To play this two groups are made. First group sings a song. Then the last letter of the song that is sung by first group becomes the starting letter to sing for second group. The second group will sing any song from respective letter, and transfer the last letter to first one. This way the game continues. If any group couldn’t sing, it passes to next one. If they could sing, their group will get the points. The game can be played until and unless one of the groups is ready to lose. Hence, it becomes much interesting game idea to play will make everybody enjoy the birthday.

  1. Truth and dare

In this game, a circle is made at first. Next, a bottle is brought. Pen, stick or other materials can also be used instead of bottle but whatever you bring that must have first end and last end. Then, it is whirled in the centre of circle. The one who faces the first end of bottle is asked to choose truth or dare by the one who faces the last end. If truth is chosen, a question is asked. The question can be anything but he or she must answer the truth. If dare is chosen, other members give a task, it can be difficult also but usually it is funny. He or she must do that, else will get punishment. Then, again the bottle is whirled and next one is chosen for truth or dare.

  1. Dancing

Conduct dancing completion. Groups can be made as girls and boys group, on the basis of age, class or any type of way you like to make. Dance group of the ones, that most people enjoyed will win. It can perform solo too. The one who dances extraordinarily than others will get the winner tag.

  1. Talent show

Here the birthday guests will show their talent. Different people have different ability. Some are good in singing, dancing while others are in acting, showing magic etc. They will show what they prefer. The performance will be solo and everyone will be enjoying it.

  1. Domes and art

In this game, two groups are made. You can toss the coin to get the chance first. To play this, one group chooses a person of opposite group and tells him the name of any film secretly. After listening, he will try to make his team understand the name of film but only by acting. During game, he can even dance, express through act but can’t utter a single word. If he couldn’t clarify the name of film, points is given to previous team. After him, there comes the turn of next one. He will also be given a name of film by opposite team and will make his own team understand. This way the game continues. Quite interesting, isn’t it?

  1. Hot seat

Hot Seat game

Here, turn by turn people will be called. Then, they will be asked to sit in the hot seat. Birthday boy or girl will ask them some questions. They will be giving their opinion.

  1. Picking up the chit

This is going to be the most interesting game in any kind of parties. Make several chits. Write one different activity in each of them just like, barking like a dog, acting of drunkard, dance in comedy style, cracking jokes and so on. Give the guest to choose one. He will pick the chit and do the very activity that is written there. After him, another will get chance. The one who doesn’t do the activity will be given punishment.

  1. Answer the question

Prepare a list of some questions to ask everybody. During the party, announce the type of game you are conducting. In this game, all people will be called at the mike and will be asked some questions like Who is the closest friend of yours? Whom you even don’t like to see the face? Have you ever get punishment? Share the comedy experience of your life. Have you bunked the college? The question could be whatever but make sure the answer would be easy, funny and humorous.

  1. Capturing the pictures

Clicking photos save memories for future. Everyone is likely to have smart phone. It has been a trend of people to click the pictures wherever they go. Also, taking selfie is becoming more popular. Most people interested in taking selfie. So, why not conduct a game of capturing the moments? The best photo and the best selfie among all will be chosen and the photographers can be given some rewards.

You can choose any one of the games above. If the time favors play multiple games. Once you start it will be interesting further. Have a good time on the celebration.