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Birthday Gifts

The Best Birthday Flowers for the Ladies in Your Life

Whether it’s her coming of age or celebrating another milestone, ladies love receiving flowers on birthdays.

Birthday Flowers

For some, flowers hold a special place in their hearts. That is why some ladies get emotional and teary-eyed when receiving birthday flowers from their favorite people.

Any flower lover would know that choosing blooms to send for birthday celebrations can be tricky. This guide will help you decide which flowers are best for the important ladies in your life. 


Not all mums enjoy receiving flowers, but those that do are sure to appreciate any bouquet you send. So instead of sending her favorite flowers, deviate from the usual and pick ones that are not so popular yet hold the same beauty. For example, hydrangeas make excellent birthday gifts for mums. 

Hydrangeas, with their abundant blooms, come in a range of colors. Though hydrangeas signify gratitude and heartfelt emotions, each color holds a deeper meaning. Pink hydrangeas, for example, represent gratitude and appreciation, so they are perfect for mum.



Your grandmother is probably one of the most incredible people in your life. She has probably gone through so much during her youth. And admit it or not, she has made your list of favorite people.

For your grandmum’s birthday, choose carnations. Like roses, carnations come in many colors. There is always a shade to match any personality, favorite color, or party theme. Carnations symbolize love, friendship, and appreciation, encompassing all our feelings towards our grannies.


Regularly sending flowers removes the surprise element, so it’s best to do it once in a while. For instance, sending flowers on your wife’s birthday will make her appreciate the lovely flowers you have picked for the occasion. And if her favorites aren’t available, select a bunch that represents true love.

The best example of flowers that symbolize true love is red tulips. A dainty spring flower, tulips in yellow and orange are great alternatives to red varieties. Yellow tulips signify happiness, while orange tulips are a symbol of appreciation. These two tulip varieties make excellent choices for someone you are grateful to have in your life.



Sending flowers to girlfriends is underrated, and it should be a thing again. Your besties have been with you forever and stuck by you through your best and worst times. For this reason, they deserve a bouquet with gardenias.

Gardenias symbolize joy as well as purity of love and relationships. The best color to give your best friend is pink. Pink gardenias show emotional support and trust, making these flowers a good pick for close friends. 

Work Wife/Mentor

Mentors and work wives also deserve to receive blooms on their birthdays. They have been kind to spare time and energy to share their skills and impart knowledge. Remembering their special day and sending a hand-tied bouquet with irises is the least you can do.

Irises are elegant, instantly transforming a simple birthday bouquet into a sophisticated bunch. The best color choices for irises are blue and purple symbols of wisdom, hope, and faith. These colors also represent royalty and are best for your mentor. For your work wife, yellow irises are best as they represent hope and give off positive energy.

Birthday Flowers

When is the best time to give birthday flowers?

It would be best if you gave birthday flowers when it will make them the happiest. Sending flowers on their birthday is an excellent idea if they love surprises. However, for those who prefer to know what to expect before their birthday, it is best to send the flowers a few days early.

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