100 Perfect Dress | Outfit Ideas For Husband at His Birthday Party

The day that marks your significance, the day god graced your presence in this world, on this day that you celebrate as your birthday which is dedicated to only you, make yourself feel special and give a new look or change a few things to your everyday outfit with something unusual elements that you have always wanted to try. Be bold and confident and this will give you an appealing so look camera ready and comfortable with yourself on your special day.

Birthday attire depends on the circumstances on how and where the celebration is supposed to take place. You can look ever ready anywhere and anytime if you choose to wear an outfit that marks you show off your original sense of style, so give yourself a makeover and make yourself visually appealing with these dress codes for men. So, here are the 100 Birthday Dress Ideas For Husband.

100 Perfect Dress | Outfit Ideas For Husband at His Birthday Party

  1. Usual blue jeans

To make yourself look lovable in your special day, give yourself something comfortable to wear like the usual blue jeans and a simple white t-shirt. This will go best with a pair of boots and dark colored shades, a perfect way to blend this.

Usual blue jeans
Usual blue jeans

these will always be available in any man’s closet and it will give you a wholesome look, it’s a perfect look for a simple day birthday date and if the date is planned to extend till night a jacket or cardigan for men can never go wrong.

  1. Printed white button-up t-shirt

The mass majority of men like to wear something they find easy to wear and familiar to their taste so just give yourself a trendy style which is also considered fashionable in today’s society such as a printed white button-up t-shirt and black jeans this will go well with a pair of black men sandals especially in that spring time birthday date and a pair of shades can never go wrong so take a risk and put on an aviator sun glass and for a chilly evening date a black long sleeved knee length cardigan will keep you warm in your birth date with your partner. This is also on the list of 100 Birthday Dress Ideas For Husband.

  1. Linen half pant

When the birthdays fall in the summer the atmosphere is hotter so give yourself a cool looking outfit to go together with the weather, put on a light green colored linen half pant for a fun date look and white V-necked white t-shirt paired up with a button-up patterned t-shirt and a white converse or closed shoe will make you look fresh in a day on the beach and don’t forget to accessorize it with a pair of aviators and a simple watch, it will suit best in a birth date on the busy streets. This is also on the list of 100 Birthday Dress Ideas For Husband.

  1. Grey piece cardigan

A couple birthday date for you and your wife in the rise of fall or in the month of autumn will have cool and romantic breeze in the air so plan an evening date with a cozy dress up give yourself a grey piece cardigan of knee length and a simple light colored shirt wrapped up with a lime colored patterned scarf, this will bring a slick vibe to the casual day or evening date in a not so fancy but a nice and comfy couple restaurant dress up in dark jeans paired up with black boots and can be accessorized with aviator watch and a formal black belt; a perfect look for a perfect birthday. This is also on the list of 100 Birthday Dress Ideas For Husband.

  1. Pair of dark blue jeans for a casual look

During birthday celebrations in the winter dress warm and give yourself the day to look and feel special, a lasting memory comes through pictures so make yourself look your best in the cold winter with a good pair of dark blue jeans for a casual look in your birthday and a simple black overcoat light blue striped button-up shirt with a white cotton sweater with a good pair of black loafers and a formal black belt this will make your birthday look for a casual birthday date and lastly it can also be accessorized with a bright scarf in the cold snowy winter fit for night or day time. This is also on the list of 100 Birthday Dress Ideas For Husband.

  1. A green striped button-up shirt

For winter family dinner birthday party, it is best to look for a simple style and not too fancy for yourself, so put a green striped button-up shirt along with a long sleeved light green cotton sweater a this will give you a fresh look and a break from the usual color pattern this will go well with any usual pant color owned by any man like black, blue or white so be free to decide and choose the color which best suit you in your complexion and lastly don’t forget to accessorize it with a field watch and a matching pair of monkstraps this will be perfect for a slow and interactive birthday meal in home or in a family restaurant. This is also on the list of 100 Birthday Dress Ideas For Husband.

  1. Exotically printed shirt

What’s better than having to wear nice clothes and looking cozy in your casual look especially when you are celebrating your birthday with the whole family out in the heat of summer, so for a perfect summery day celebration – exotic printed shirt, white jeans accessorized with a pair of sunglasses, a bright colored watch, sandals and a webbed, fabric version with a double-D buckle fastening belt for a more summery vibe; this will give you a perfect bohemian look as it brings out fresh and cool colors in your wardrobe. This is also on the list of 100 Birthday Dress Ideas For Husband.

  1. Add black jeans

If you want a makeover which can make you shine as the highlight of the party in a friends and family birthday gathering give yourself a change and add a black jeans to go with a blue line striped button-up shirt and a pair of black boots and make yourself contrasting from others with a light blue or grey suit jacket and lastly accessorized with a racing watch and a pair of shades this look can boost up your confidence in a unique style and still a simple but bold look and it’s not tooo over the top. This is also on the list of 100 Birthday Dress Ideas For Husband.

  1. Navy colored suit jacket

When the boss and office colleagues are invited to a small household party with friends and family then its best to make a little effort to impress the people around you by giving yourself a little bold looking outfit such as a navy colored suit jacket, white fitted jeans and white or sky blue button-up shirt boost this look with a power tie of a popping color and go with the classic formal black belt and a pair of black dress shoes to make the outfit a little formal twist, lastly to complete the look a tie bar and linen pocket square with the color of your choice can make yourself camera-ready.

  1. Dark green bohemian

Casual look in a birthday doesn’t have to be filled with the usual and bland colors we can spice things up with a little bit of twist in patterns and bright and fun colors for yourself, so go with a more fitted green pants and a dark green bohemian style button-up t-shirt and pair them up with some good pair of closed shoe this will look perfect for a family birthday party in home having barbecue so go with a dark colored shades and a yellow colored belt to add exotic flavor to your outfit.

  1. Classic outfit

Classic outfit such as a white fitted button-up shirt and navy colored suit accessorized with patterned or striped tie, formal black belt, a dress watch and a pair of brown dress shoe for a private date night birthday celebration is simple yet chic and not too overpriced as well; this style suits on any man and it has been trending in the mens wardrobe for decades now.

  1. Three-piece suit

For a formal themed birthday event pair a black button-up shirt with a solid black tie, grey colored three piece suit accessorized with a tie bar, white linen pocket square and complete the look with a black dress shoe and a racing watch, this attire is perfect for big formal birthday parties or even a night out in a fancy restaurant for you.

  1. The striped suit in a dark color black

To put a new vibe to your style go with a more established look such as a pair of good striped suit in a dark color black and navy blue are best suited with just a classic white button-up shirt for a finer wine and dine date with your wife, gives a fresh breather to your wardrobe and this will also be complete with a pair of black dress shoe accessorize this chic suit with a solid black tie and a white linen pocket square and the whole look will absolutely stunning with an aviator watch.

  1. Checker patterned navy suit jacket

If you want to have a private date and want to make a good impression towards your sense of style to your other half then you can try to put up a unique outfit with a simple checker patterned navy suit jacket a white pair of pants with a comfortable simple sky blue button-up shirt and a white cotton ascot to finish this look put a pair of oxford shoes, black or any dark colored shades are a must in a daytime birthday date and lastly a field watch or rushing watch will complete the whole image.

  1. Staple tuxedo

Some of the fashions most common and establish look is a staple tuxedo in a fine party and if the event is big then don’t hesitate to take out a tux with the classic black tie in a bow or in the simple day to day tie style, a good tuxedo will go exceptionally well with a plain white button-up shirt but now there is access to more stylish white button-up shirt which could make you stand out from the crowd this will always look best with a black dress shoe.

  1. Dark grayish silver three-layer suit

When family, friends, and colleagues are invited in a formal party you should always dress to impress as you are not only the birthday man but also the host so welcome a subtle and fine change to your usual office or work uniform blend your usual style with something different like a dark grayish silver three layer suit, a slick white button-up shirt maroon patterned tie and a gold colored linen pocket square this look will be complete with a pair of brown dress shoe and a tan colored belt finally a rushing watch will serve as a fine accessory. This is also on the list of 100 Birthday Dress Ideas For Husband.

  1. A white vertical lined shirt

Most of the men today have been bolder in their style and planning a formal event with their wife and family in different events so don’t make your birthday an exception go on a fancy restaurant on a family or couple date and don’t miss the chance of wearing a good suit so wear a bold color like green with a white vertical lined shirt with a gold linen pocket square and a gold rushing wrist watch, any tie of your choosing or no tie will also look equally fancy giving a more confident look.


  1. Silver button-up shirt

When all the attention is on you give them a little eye-catching look to impress your family members and colleagues pop up in your formal party with a white suit greyish silver button-up shirt and a grey patterned tie accessorize this look with a tie bar and silver linen pocket square and if you choose to look more fabulous on your birthday pick up a fine fountain pen and place it in your front pocket this gives a more authentic vibe to your style. Don’t forget the shoes most essential part of the outfit is best suited with black dress shoes or even a white dress shoe can go perfectly put together in this outfit.

  1. Maroon suit jacket

During autumn it gets pretty chilly outside so make yourself cold proof with tailored black pants, big dark shades, maroon suit jacket and black tailor fitted pants with a turtleneck black sweater can be the absolute best look to be fancier in fine wine and dine dinner birthday date with your wife. This whole look can be put more together with a pair of brown loafers and a matching watch, a go-to outfit for day or night dinner date.

  1. Patterned blazer

Confidence can be seen through ones dress up soon this yearly occasion which is dedicated especially for you show your sense of style but also go for a makeover in a way that tells who you are and your personality so put on a silver patterned blazer with a classic white shirt with black buttons, this with dark blue jeans will go perfectly together also wear a formal black belt, a black dress shoe, and a field watch; a bold look for a confident man.

  1. Classic scale

On a more classic scale wear a charcoal black three-layer suit with a stylish white short collar button-up shirt; this will make a flamboyant statement to your profile and impress your wife with a new and unique look, you can even put a gold pocket watch just to look fancier and daring with your usual style of dressing and to finish it up wear a dark grey silk fabric or dark patterned tie and accessorize the suit with a blood red cotton or linen pocket square. Go ahead and put on a dark brown dress shoe.

  1. Blue checkered blazer

To make a perfect look for a more appealing charm towards your wife go ahead and be the fanciest husband in your birthday put on a blue checkered blazer white button-up shirt and white tailor fitted pants and a silk silver pocket triangle for a more daytime birthday date vibe. This outfit will go together best with monk straps and an aviator watch and a pair of dark shades.

  1. Brown vertical striped suit

When you put more effort in your clothes this results in your wife trying to look her best as well so give her a chance to see the variations of clothes you can absolutely pull it off in your birthday so you can be the most irresistible man in the crowd so put on light brown vertical striped suit and a dark brown tie to go with it, such fine suits deserve a well-fitting white button-up shirt and a pair of monk straps; this whole outfit can be accessorized with a brown sunglasses and white cotton pocket square, lastly put on a rushing watch.

  1. A cool velvet blazer

The celebrations in the winter are always chilly and you can look forward with your partner to keep yourself warm but lets put a cool velvet blazer just to break out of the usual overused style underneath you can put on a black button-up shirt and an ascot instead of a tie to keep your neck and chest covered in the chilly weather, this will look a perfect in charcoal black fitted tailored pants; it is a dark and mysterious themed outfit so accessorize it with a debris or monk straps to make the whole look a little unique blend and lastly a field watch will blend in perfectly.

  1. Patterned blazer

You can surprise everyone by giving a new, fresh and young twist to your look with a patterned blazer; it has become a trend in todays fashion industry and on a day that is for you to express your personality through a range of clothes so put on a white vest and black jeans with a pair of white or any light colored converse, this will give you a casual and trendy look you can accessorize it with a watch of your choosing and lastly a big black sunglass, it can be perfect on a birthday date in the spring or autumn.

  1. Bright Peach colored sweater

Express a unique look through selecting a bright peach colored sweater with a V-neck and underneath a white button-up shirt of your choosing; Nice black jeans and lastly a field watch will look absolutely perfect in this blend of colors where the highlight of the whole outfit is the peach color, this will outshine all the usual black and white classic colors and give it a more popping look this can go best with black converse or loafers.

  1. A gold velvet blazer

If you are looking to be playful in your birthday than put on a gold velvet blazer and forget the usual button-up shirt go with a more fitting round neck black t-shirt and a brown pair of jeans accessorize it with a tan colored belt and a pair of monk straps. You will shine brightly and it is also a picture-perfect look to blend in the young and stylish crowd and to complete the look a rushing watch is a must. This is also on the list of 100 Birthday Dress Ideas For Husband.

  1. Red overcoat

Give yourself a break from the usual tie and go with a more masculine trend; a button-up shirt in black and cover it up with a red overcoat with matching set of pants, slick and simple design will make it looks not too over the top and yet give you a fresh and ready to go look, this look can work its magic in a function or dinner date – its classy and fancy in the right level.

  1. it’st a pink power tie

Birthdays in workday can be a bore but lets put a pink power tie to your usual look, wear a fancy black button-up shirt and a three layered black suit accessorize it with a tie bar and a white linen pocket square, this whole look will give more emphasis to the power tie and as it is in bright pink color it can boost up your look and make your sense of style more commanding in nature; don’t forget to pair this suit with a fancy black dress shoe.

  1. Classic bow tie

A classic bow tie will always look rewarding and give a cute vibe to your personality so if you’re feeling playful than go with a bright colored bow and a fading yellow button-up shirt and a black three-layer suit will give you an absolutely adorable yet a manly look. To complete this outfit accessorize it with a stylish white cotton pocket square, tan colored belt and a pair of brown dress shoes; this look will go perfectly well with a rushing watch.

  1. White turtleneck sweater

Birthdays in the Fall can turn warmer with white turtleneck sweater, grey suit jacket and black jeans accessorized with a pair of debris or black dress shoes and last but not the least a field watch; this complete look will make you the man of the hour, it’s fashion forward and comfortable to wear in any event anywhere. Most of these clothing are wardrobe essentials to all men so you can look chic in your own comfort. This is also on the list of 100 Birthday Dress Ideas For Husband.

  1. A camel brown overcoat

Stylish outfit such as a camel brown overcoat, white button-up shirt, patterned ascot, black fitting tailored pants and a pair of brown dress shoes or monk straps with a good pair of shades accessorized with an aviator watch and a tan leather belt, it’s a fresh and crisp blend to the formal style of clothing; a perfect look for you, birthday man in a cool winter date. Another merit about this outfit is that you can look good on a reasonable budget.

  1. A maroon colored light overcoat of knee length

In the autumn season give yourself a chic look with a maroon colored light overcoat of knee length this will look absolutely dashing with a tailor fitted maroon pants and skin colored turtleneck sweater this will give you one of the most well-dressed reactions from anywhere and this will just look absolutely gorgeous with some finishing touches and that is a pair of monk straps and a light colored aviator sunglasses, a very fashion-forward look for this autumn time birthday celebration.

  1. Overcoat with blur fur

Winter calls for a nice furry coat better yet make that an overcoat with blur fur or wool inside and a purple velvet layered outside this will just make you the life of the party a white sweater or vest and black jeans will keep you warm and the coat will just pop out its statement piece to all audience; don’t forget to accessorize it with a field watch and a pair of loafers – lets make it even fancier with a pair of aviator glasses and a simple medium length gold chain. Make yourself feel special by looking like you’ve come out from a magazine, this piece will make a firm statement to your surrounding and definitely make you more appealing.

  1. Knitted sweater and a navy blue tailored pants

To give yourself a warm and chic look in the winter don’t avoid a good cap knitted ones in the winter look cool when style up with a camel brown overcoat, then put on a white knitted sweater and a navy blue tailored pants accessorize it with a side bag and a stylish black dress shoe, this will give a very stoic and sexy appeal to yourself. You can put this outfit on any casual hangout or even a fine wine and dine gathering because it is always good to explore your horizon and be comfortable while being a little different than an office or work look.

  1. Checkered pattern suit

You want to feel good than look good with a good suit checkered pattern suit can look a ready to go outfit for office or a date; round necked black vest and a black dress shoe accessorized with a black cotton pocket triangle will just make this whole look a lot classier and chic, and if you wish to go fancier add some gold jewelry such as gold rushing watch gold-framed aviator sunglasses and a gold ring will pull the whole outfit together very well. Surprise your partner with a good sense of style and make her see the effort you’ve put together with this look; the clothes will give you a confident and bold appeal.

  1. All black look

Be more flamboyant with all black look, a black round necked vest and a black pant with a black pair of debris and to add a little contrast put on a black velvet blazer this will give a shiny appeal to your dark themed outfit and if you find the black isn’t enough put on a black pair of wayfarers- as it is your birthday go on and take out a gold rushing watch to put a little variety to your look. This look is perfect for all seasons and it definitely will give a mysterious and sexy aura to yourself so sometimes it is good to take a risk and just let a dark theme to surround you. This is also on the list of 100 Birthday Dress Ideas For Husband.

  1. Knee length navy colored jacket

Go out on a birthday trip in the autumn with a knee length navy colored jacket, this will make you look younger and playful so stick with a casual dress code if on a casual date; put on white vest and blue jeans accessorize the whole look with a formal black belt and a pair of brown boots, black wayfarers will never go out of sync in this look so go ahead and put them on with a fancy aviator watch and if you want to go chain, a simple silver chain will go together perfectly in this look.

  1. A funkily patterned shirt

For a more exotic look put on a funky patterned shirt and a dark blue blazer completed with white tailored pants this outfit can be put on for a date in the seaside perfect for summer when you have to be a little fancy for your date the blazer will suggest that you’ve tried to put on an effort in the way you present yourself; don’t forget an aviator watch and the very trending black framed round sunglasses will give your look a boost of classiness added to the bohemian vibe played out by your shirt, you can make this look even better with a pair of monkstraps which will be comfortable and stylish.

  1. A black vest and white converse

Lets put on a sweet playful colored blue suit for a birthday where you can outshine yourself with some simple details, a black vest, and white converse will make you cool and sexy in the heat of summer to add a little spice to your suit lets give it a simple gold brooch and a silver rushing watch and if you want to add more fancy accessories dark framed aviator sunglasses and a white rose or any flower of your preference to add to your pocket square.


Author: Rita Mahato

I am Rita Mahato, an employee in a Birthday Party Palace in Chicago, USA, who has deep knowledge about society and celebration.