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4 Birthday Dress for Indian Mother

Birthday Dress for Indian Mothers : – Being a parent is a blessing. Being a mother is more than a just boon to your life but a new life itself. You had a perfect body and no stretch marks but when motherhood hits you, you get stretch marks, you have mood swings, and you get fat and so more. But these changes for you is beautiful. You will love that you are getting fat and your baby is getting healthy and bigger.

The perfect body will disappear but the glow of being a mother will come. You become a mother and you start to give your day and night to your child. You will think of them first. You will feed your food to your baby first then yourself even though you have been hungry. That’s how you grow! So it comes to your child’s birthday, how can be so dull and miss the opportunity of being the great women you are. We give you few ideas on how to style yourself on a special day so that people will notice you and praise you for being the person you are. Yes, the beautiful person- that is you!

4 Birthday Dress for Indian Mothers

1. Fancy dress

When I say fancy dress, you do not need to think about the funny dress that will embrace you in front of everybody. Fancy dress means a little extra to your attire. You have been wearing kurta and salwar for your whole life but fashion has given it a new touch. The one piece Murtha, yes you have heard it. These dresses are in the trend and anybody can wear it. To be precise, this kind of dresses are called an Anarkali dress. So do check up on before you choose to wear it.

You do not need to have a body like the models, even though you are fat, you can still wear it and swirl it because you are going to look fantastic. The color should be dark for the evening party and at the day, it should be bright. You can pair up with heels for that final touch. For such dress, you don’t need many accessories. But it will depend on how to design the dress. If you are going for a sleeveless dress, you can use bangles for your hands. If your neckline is open, then go for a simple neck piece and don’t overdo because you do not want to outcast the dress. Wear simple makeup and put a bright lipstick.

2. Lace midi dresses:

When I looked it up online, I was like “oh my god!” that was a cool idea to come up with. It is not exactly a traditional sari, it is not a dress to be certain. It is just in the middle. For women, you has a good body and are mad about fashion, the time has come to show them what you really are. These dresses are easy to wear because it is like a one piece dress because everything is attached to it. The swap goes through the lace top and it will show up your curves really really good.

Make sure you choose light colors because it should contrast with the body. But if you prefer the dark color, I won’t say no. the long sleeves are easy because you do not have to wear any accessories to cover it.do not add up any neck piece because the lace top is doing the job already. Go on with silver heels on this dress. Put the plan makeup with eye makeup going a little heavy than the others. The lips should be kept light because eye and lips should not outcast your face!

3. The two piece mix

I know I have been coming up with really funky ideas but that’s how to get to see yourself excited. The two piece mix is generally a lehenga with top and the bottom part. It is seen before as well but you can be a little extra and have that motherhood feeling along with the bridal feel. What I mean is, after you become a mother, you should not forget that you are still a wife who is young and beautiful. The lehenga is seemed to be heavy which is a good thing because it will look classy and elegant.

But the heaviness adds up on difficulties if you have to carry the child with you all the time. You should be very careful that you don’t fall down the stairs because it is going to be long and taking steps can be heavy. You can style it up with earrings that are long and big. The makeup can be bold and the contrast color for the lips should be used. The hair can be tied in a bun as well but you can leave it open as you prefer. Do not wear any accessories on the neck and the hands because the swell is going to cover it all. Pair up with white or gold heels to give it a finishing touch!

4. Sari

When it comes to being a mother and attending a party, you can not go wrong with saris because they have been the fashion statement since ages. From teens to old women, anybody can wear a sari and look amazing. That is the beauty of the sari in this culture. You can choose the color you like and style it up through blouse of your choice. You can do any designs, you just name it- from open to closed styles everything matches up with the sari. You can accessorize yourself with earrings and bangles.

sari woman ladies dress

You can also wear heels to give up that upright posture. Make sure you pin up the sari because you don’t want to get all messy. Hair can be left open or tied up in a bun as per your desire. Go with bold makeup because you want to look bold and beautiful. Also, keep in mind that the sari is not too much heavy because it is going to be a problem when you have to carry the baby or stand for a longer period.

You name the problem and we give the best solution we can. Happy motherhood to you all. Make sure to comment and follow us on the Facebook page and support us.

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