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8 Happy Birthday Dress Ideas For Baby Boy

Happy Birthday Dress Ideas For Baby Boy: – The birth of a baby boy is considered to be a major blessing. Well, in the Asian country such as Nepal and India and other some country too. Preferences of the baby boy have been given from the very start. Moving on, a child is a child. No matter if it is a boy or a girl, their birthday is celebrated with more fun and enthusiasm. Dressing a baby boy can be really difficult because they don’t tend to be comfortable with the attire. But we can share some party dress for his birthday where he can be comfy and more into the zone than a cry baby.

8 Happy Birthday Dress Ideas For Baby Boy

1. Suit up, people!

Suit and tie go like wow in every guy that has come across. They look elegant and classy. Likewise, the kids can wear a suit and be like the adults. Everything has been made for babies from little shoes to little dresses. Bring out your son’s true charm through suits because legends have a good taste of styling their child.

As you can see in the picture, the kid is wearing a formal attire with black pants and black suit. You can match it up white shirt and wear a neat tie or a bow as shown in the picture. You can get such clothes in near supermarket where you can choose from varieties.

2. Jeans and jacket:

Usual blue jeans Happy Birthday Dresses For Husband
Usual blue jeans

The trending one is, of course, the jeans!! If your son’s birthday falls in the winter season, you can wear the jeans along with the jacket because it will look good on everybody. It won’t be uncomfortable, it will warm and stylish. You can choose colors of different styles and patterns. You can go plain and wear black from top to bottom or style up in gray pants and brown jackets. Use fashionable shoes with lace to give that hint of glitter on the look.

3. Warm jacket:

And yes you don’t always need to be formal and wear jeans or suit, you can go casual and make your son wear these jackets. If the birthday falls on winter season and you wish to go for evening parties, you can use them. They come in a set of two pieces. These can be seen in various colors and designs. If you have twins, make them wear the same design of different colors or maybe the same one. Pair up with boots that are warm and comfy. You can also use caps instead of the one that is already joint.


4. Pathani suit:

The pathani suit is basically an inherent child of kurta and salwar. While the kurta and salwar are for the girls, the pathani suit is for them boys. The top is a long kurta like the design and the bottom pants are big pants.This attire is seen to be cool and casual. Your son is going to be the Salman Khan in this dress. Match it up with Aladdin shoes as seen in the picture.

5. Traditional:

Don’t you love it when the world is getting westernized and the attires are getting so traditional? Well, I love it because traditional wears bring up the beauty that our culture already had. It was seen worn by adults and now it is worn by kids too. That is cute ! they will love it you see. They will be matching their attitudes with the adults and that will be a good thing to watch!

When attending any ceremony or the birthday party itself, you can go traditional. You don’t have to go heavy and wear the sherwani which has the seal attached as so on. You can be comfortable and wear the sleeveless top and dhoti styled pants. And do not worry, you do not have to make the pant, it comes ready made and you just have to wear like them pants. Aladin pants are best but make sure you match the colors because you don’t want to look stupid. You can also wear silver bangles to accessorize it.

6. Kurta:

Behold the innocent guy is here to loot you with his charm and simplicity!!


Kurta can be seen the way to casual and not party like but wait, that’s the good thing about it. You have seen so many people wearing kurta as their daily attires because it’s summer and you don’t want to overdo. Kids feel the hotness too!

Kurta baby boy

Kurta can be of different designs. If you feel like going casual, you can wear plain kurta as shown in the picture but if you feel like being the extra type, you can wear such clothes but you can get it with additive designs. You can wear sandals even though you have your party kurta on. That’s how you match it! Accessorize with bangles or swap if you want or just go plain and simple. Not everybody likes being “extra”!

7. Fancy Dress:

Birthday and theme party is wow thing! Especially when you have a baby boy you would want to do that because I have seen a lot of baby boys trying to become a superhero. But girls don’t do that except being a fairy. So try on with superhero costumes.

“I here to save the world” how cute that will be. Your son is going to be dressed up as his favorite superhero and you will have a proud moment because you will be glad that you bought that dress for him. Everybody will have a hard time to avoid him because he will look cute in these costume. A little hero is here for his birthday and he barely remembers what he ate this morning. These attires can be bought at supermarkets near you and you can get the variety of costumes like spiderman, batman, superman and what else!

8. Be a panda!

Pandas are cute even when they are old and adults. The black and white animal costume is here as a trend. If his birthday falls on winter then it is a good thing to wear so because the dress is warm and comfy. You can see in the picture of the baby and how cute he looks in the dress. You can find different animal costumes in the market and you can choose as per your desire.


So here it is. You have given you few ideas you can look to celebrate his birthday in a memorable way.Anyways, if you are looking this on your child’s birthday then we wish her happy birthday and much love.

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