The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Baby’s 1st Birthday
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The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Baby’s 1st Birthday

Your baby’s first birthday is a special milestone. It can be as simple or as extravagant as you would like it. Depending on how big your family is, you can scale up or down in how you want to plan the event.

Here’s the ultimate guide to planning a baby’s 1st birthday party from picking a venue, finding a theme, getting the decorations together, and putting together a menu.

Baby’s 1st Birthday

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Pick a Venue

Venue selection would depend on your budget and how many family members are attending. A small gathering of 5-10 family members and friends may mean you host the party at your home or a family member’s residence. You may have to rent a small hall if you have anywhere between 20-50 guests.

If your baby was born in the spring or summer, consider an outside venue for more open space. Hence, if you have more than 50 guests attending, there will be more room to move around, mingle with others, and participate in party activities.

Find a Theme

Your baby is still developing a personality and does not have the words yet to tell you what he or she likes. However, you can observe what toys they play with the most to get some fun themes to get your party decorating on the right foot.

Here are some theme ideas that you can do for a one-year-old:

  • Dino Roaring 1st Birthday
  • (Baby’s Name) 1st Birthday Safari
  • Exploring Fun, (Baby’s Name) is 1 (nature exploration)
  • Hopping into 1 (bunny-themed; great for a spring-time baby)
  • Baby Shark (Child’s Name) Chomps His/Her Way To 1

Choose a cartoon character that your child gravitates towards based on what you have shown them on television and go from there. Party themes are fun to pick, so be creative!

Get Together The Decorations

Your local big box or party store will be a great place to start finding party supplies. Make things easier on you by ordering curbside pick up from your favorite big box store if you are running short on time gathering decorations. Be sure to shop in person for some of the supplies to get a feel of how you are going to decorate for the party.

Pinterest will be your best friend for showing you how to set up party decor! Have a Happy Birthday banner plastered on the wall. Order some balloons and tie them to your baby’s chair for decoration. Decorate the guest tables with table confetti for a pop of color. Choose a tablecloth color that compliments your chosen theme. Throwaway tablecloths make for easy clean-up!

Put Together a Menu

Now that you have a theme for your party, put together a matching menu. Think of food that people would like to eat. If necessary, get ideas from attending guests.

Go as simple as ordering pizza and having some finger snacks. Turn it into a potluck where family members bring a dish that they want to share with everyone at the party. Have some themed fun and include a special treat that goes with your theme.

Dress Up Your Baby

You can dress up your baby however you would like for their special day. Whether you want to put dress-up clothes on them to look fancy, dress them in a costume, or have them wear their play clothes, let your vision come alive.

For example, if you have a dinosaur costume for your baby and you are doing a dino theme for the party, dressing your little one in that costume would be the cutest personal touch. If you planned a more formal party for your little one, dressing them up in their Sunday best would be advisable.


Happy first birthday to your little one! Good luck with the party preparations.