55 Happy Birthday Wishes for Loving Husband

50 Happy Birthday Wishes for Loving Husband

Happy Birthday Wishes for Loving Husband :- People usually think birthday are special for girls as they wish to get all the attention and love. But, even men need all the attention in the world, especially on his birthday. Though he might not show, he wishes to be surrounded by the people he loves the most on his big day; the birthday.


So, if you have a husband and his birthday is coming near, then you must make his day very special. Here are some text messages and quotes that range from funny to romantic- which surely helps to get your husband’s mood brighten. Get here Happy Birthday SMS for Loving Husband.


50 Happy Birthday Wishes for Loving Husband

1. Happy Birthday dear husband! I am really happy that you are in my life. Your presence has made me smile every day! I love you crazily!

2. Not every girl in this world is lucky like me to have such an amazing husband in the life. Thanks a lot for holding my hands in each and every step of my life. Wishing you a very happy returns of the day!

3. Ever since we got married, you have been like my shadow, who never leaves me alone and supports in every small and big thing. I love you for that and can never repay you for what you did to me. Happy Birthday Dear Hubby!

4. A thousand candles would still appear dim compared to the vast amount of shine and twinkles you have showered on my life. Have a great birthday dear husband!

Happy birthday wishes for husband
Happy birthday wishes for husband

5. When I cuddle in your arms, I feel quiet, safe, warm and loved. On your birthday, I can only wish for you happiness and long life. Happy Birthday Dear!

6. Every dawn I wake up to be at the side of the most loving man on this earth. You are the only one in this world whom I cherish and love more than myself. Thank you for loving me back equally over the years. Happy Birthday!

7. Your birthday reminds me that we have spent yet another successful life as a couple. May we get to spend whole life together just like we are spending now with love, passion, care, respect, and fun. Happy Birthday Dear Husband!

8. I still vividly remember the time we stared at each other’s eyes and confessed our love. It’s been few years, but still today I exactly feel the same way for the way. Happy Birthday love. Keep smiling!

9. You are the man of my dreams, my soul mate, my best friend and the father of my children. My everything revolves around you, my love. Happy Birthday!

10. Happy birthday to my support, a pillar of life, biggest fan, emotional healer, and most importantly a loving husband. Your wife loves you unconditionally!

50 Happy Birthday Wishes for Loving Husband

11. Every moment my life has been difficult and every time hurricane tried to take me away, you have been my safeguard. Every time I gaze at you and every time I stare your handsome face, I consider myself the luckiest woman, to have you in my life. Happy Birthday Dear husband!

12. Whoever say- all men are the same- they obviously have never met you in life. Happy birthday hubby.

13. If anyone respects me for being a wonderful wife, mother and professional worker, I tell them the reason behind success is just because of my loving husband. Happy Birthday Hubby. May you climb the height of success in your life. I love you.

14. Happy birthday to the person who always helped me achieve my dreams and never restricted me from believing in myself and living my dream.

Happy birthday wishes for husband
Happy birthday quotes for husband

15. I don’t need to stare at my mirror to feel beautiful. I just look into your dreamy eyes for my reflection. Happy Birthday to the one who makes me feel very special. May your day becomes as special as you are.

16. When I am unable to express with my verses to tell you how tons I love you, just inspect my eyes and you’ll realize my affection shining. Happy Birthday sweetheart!

17. Today on your birthday, I would like to swear: that this coming year will definitely be amazing than the others before it; that our adoration will grow profound than the year before; that I may be a better lady for you than the year before this year. Happy Birthday!

18. Among all your Birthdays that we’ve celebrated until now, I need to make this Birthday the most unique, the most remembered, the maximum enchanting, the maximum memorable and the most unforgettable. In brief, I want to make this a tremendous day for you! Wishing a joyous Birthday to my dearest husband.

19. On your birthday, I wish you be showered with my love, the affection of your buddies, and admiration of your colleagues and the affection of family members. I surely wish that this Birthday is the excellent one you’ve celebrated till date. Happy Birthday my hubby!

20. Every now and then I awaken to the sheer belief that I’ve one of these exceptional husbands such as you. May also your Birthday carry you all the joy, happiness, health and wealth which you deserve. Happy birthday love!

50 Happy Birthday Wishes for Loving Husband

21. Happy Birthday! may additionally your day be greater rocking than remaining yr and can all of the angels sing songs of praises to you for your special day. Wishing you a smashing birthday!

22. You’re the most good-looking guy I have ever met. I always promise to stand by way of your face and guide you whenever you want me. Happy Birthday to you, sweetheart.

Happy birthday wishes for husband
Happy birthday wishes for husband

23. Happy Birthday to the best husband in the entire universe. I sense so blessed to have received authentic love from your palms. I definitely feel very proud to have your surname. May you be blessed with all that you have ever dreamt of!

24. You always your arms wide open for me when I needed love, you understood my every emotion when I needed a companion, you showed me the way to success when I was stuck somewhere in between. Words can never express my divine respect and love for you. Happy Birthday Dear Hubby!

25. As you are venturing into the new year of your life, I wish you lifelong happiness, good health, success, wisdom, bravery and most importantly patience. Happy Birthday my precious. You mean universe to me.

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50 Happy Birthday Wishes for Loving Husband


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