20 Famous Celebrity Birthdays Date in February

11. Shakira (2 February 1977)21 Celebrity Birthdays in February

Another global celebrity that was born on February is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, popularly known as Shakira. She is a Colombian by birth and is a singer, songwriter, dancer, as well as a record producer. Initially, she released albums with songs in Spanish and later entered the English language market with her fifth album ‘laundry Service’. Her most popular song being ‘Whenever Wherever’. But so far, she is most well known worldwide for her single ‘Hips don’t lie’. Currently, she is married to a footballer Gerald Pique and has 2 children.

12. Drew Barrymore (22 February 1975)21 Celebrity Birthdays in February

Born on February 22, 1975, Drew Barrymore is an American author, director, actress, and model. She belongs to a family of American film actors. And, she is the granddaughter of actor John Barrymore. Well, she began acting very early in life as a child actress. Drew had a very turbulent childhood with episodes of drug abuse and alcohol abuse. That is why she even stayed in rehab twice. However, she immediately fought back with her addictions and came clean to star in multiple movies that gained her worldwide recognition.

13. Harry Styles (01 February 1994)21 Celebrity Birthdays in February

Harry Edward Styles is a February 1st born singer and songwriter from England. He is well known for his membership in the popular pop boy band ‘One Direction’. The band has given many hit songs that are very popular among the teenagers and the youth. His debut was however with another band named ‘White Eskimo’ that performed locally in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire. After auditioning for British television series ‘the X Factor’, Styles and getting eliminated once, he was brought back again into the competition along with four other contestants Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson in order to form the band One Direction.

14. Paris Hilton (17 February 1981)21 Celebrity Birthdays in February

Paris Whitney Hilton, born on February 17, 1981, is an American, socialite, businesswoman, television personality, model, singer, Dj, and actor. Born to a well-off family, granddaughter of the founder of Hilton Hotels in New York, Hilton was born in New York and raised in Beverly Hills, California. She started modeling pretty early in her life as a teenager and entered the entertainment industry. Her lifestyle and her short-lived relationships made her subject of entertainment news and gossip as well as tabloid magazines. Her infamous sex tape with her then-boyfriend Rick Salomon is what got her negative media attention in her early days.

15. Jennifer Love Hewitt (21 February 1879)21 Celebrity Birthdays in February

Another February born actress is Jennifer Love Hewitt. She is an American television producer, actress, director, singer, songwriter, and author. Her acting career took off when she was still a young girl as a child actress in television commercials and the Disney Channel series ‘Kids Incorporated’. Later on, she starred in multiple movies, sang singles and also produced television series. Currently, she is married with 2 children and is still actively working in her career.

Celebrities From Bollywood

Besides all of the above February born stars, there are few from Bollywood as well that have shined bright alongside. Few of them are introduced below:

16. Shahid Kapoor (25 February 1981)20 Celebrity Birthdays in February

Shahid Kapoor is a popular Bollywood star born and brought up in India. He has been in the Bollywood industry for a long time since he entered it while still a young boy. He was a child actor in various advertisements. A very good dancer, before he became an actor he was also a backup dancer in Bollywood and wanted to be a choreographer. His first film was ‘Ishq Vishq’ which was critically acclaimed for his acting skills. After that, he has starred in many films and most of them have given a good box office result. Currently, he is active in the industry as a good actor and is also married with a child.

17.Jackie Shroff (01 February 1960)20 Celebrity Birthdays in February

The Bollywood actor who is now currently famous as Jackie Shroff was originally named Jaikishen Kakubhai. He has been in the Indian film industry for almost four decades. As of 2017, he has starred in more than 207 movies in ten different regional languages in India. In his time, he was the most acclaimed actor and gave many hit films to the industry. Even now, he does support roles and various other appearances in the movies and television alike. His son Tiger Shroff is the new sensation in Bollywood and has gained popularity rapidly.

18.Pooja Bhatt (24 February 1972)20 Celebrity Birthdays in February

Pooja Bhatt is an Indian filmmaker, producer, actor, voice actor and a philanthropist. She is the daughter of Mahesh Bhatt who is an acclaimed Indian film director. She was born in Mumbai in 24 February 1972 and made her acting debut pretty early at the age of 17 in 1989. Later on, as a lead actress, she starred in the movie ‘Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahi’ which gained her much popularity in the film industry. After that, she began getting many movies and gained much attention from the media critics as well as fans. Currently, she directs movies in Bollywood and is doing a very good job at it by producing movies that are more realistic.

19.Abhishek Bachchan (05 February 1976)20 Celebrity Birthdays in February

Abhishek Bachchan is an Indian actor who has starred in various films in Bollywood. He is the son of the proclaimed superstar of Bollywood ‘Amitabh Bachchan’ and actress ‘Jaya Bhaduri Bachchan’. He entered into Bollywood as an actor and starred in various films. But, except for some of the films, most haven’t been able to do as good business as expected.  He married Aishwarya Bachchan and now is a father or a daughter. Alongside, he has been doing movies also and hopes to carry on the legacy of his father. Although he has not been able to make it big in the movies, he has been around for almost two decades now and have been doing films sometimes on the lead role and also as supporting cast and multi- starrer projects also.

20. Divya Bharti (25 February 1974)

20 Celebrity Birthdays in February

Divya Bharti, who is also known as Divya Om Prakash Bharti, was an Indian film actress who was active in the Indian film industry from the year 1990 to 1993. At the young age of 16 she entered the film industry and after a short time of 3 years, at the age of nineteen, had a tragic departure that was officially recognized as suicide. In her short career, she gave various hit films and was popular among fans as well as the film industry critics. She has not only done Hindi films but also starred in few Telegu films as well. She had a very promising career ahead but was tragically lost from the industry following a suicide from depression.

All of these personalities born on February have made their marks in their respective fields of career choices. February has indeed given a lot of celebrities and renowned personalities to the world. These are only the 20 representative celebrities from the month of February. There are a lot many other personalities from this month. Few of the honorable mentions include George Washington- the politician, Ronald Regan- the politician, Galileo Galili- the astronomer, Charles Darwin- the Geologist, Charles Dickens- the writer, John Travolta- the actor and the likes.

Those born in February make very good parents. They are very affectionate individuals and love to be a companionship. Their loyalty to their loved ones is unsurpassed. They can spend their life waiting for their special one and can sometimes be depressed if they cannot find the one they are looking for. But once they find, they stick with them through hell or high tides and make it work. On the flipside, this makes them a bit dependent on their partners. In absence of enough attention, they might also feel dejected and this might make them feel bad at times.

I’m sure you must have learned a bit more about your favorite personality from their month of birth. You might also have a few friends with their birthdays in the same month. Don’t forget to share with them this article and now that you know their personality, you will also know your friend better.

So these are the list of 20 Famous Celebrity Birthdays Date in February.

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