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6. Birthday Calendarbest android birthday reminder app

Birthday Calendar makes it displays birthdays with attractive designs. The application additionally offers a choice of giving its users automatic reminder through push notification. This app also sends birthday messages directly without booting up any kinds of messaging apps. The users can even edit the sections on the app, in case some friends have wrong birthday events recorded on Facebook. And, most important of all, all of these features come with a no ad policy. This is also a best Birthday reminder android apps.

7. Birthdays for Androidbest android birthday reminder app

This app is a way to go if the users of the apps are the ones who want to put the least possible effort. This app allows a one tap login using Facebook and has no issues related to ads since it’s a no ad app. The only reason it is ranking high on my list is that of its ease of use. There is room for improvement, especially in the user interface. Other than that this is a basic, hassle-free way of know whose birthday is today.  Along with general features, this app also shows Chinese and Western Zodiac signs. This is also a best Birthday reminder android apps.

8. Birthdays – Free versionbest android birthday reminder app

This app is for the ones who tend to forget birthdays in a time span as short as 15mins as this app has a reminder icon on the status bar of the user’s mobile phone or tablets.  Even though the app offers the freedom to send personalized birthday texts to our loved ones, the app also has an automatic birthday wishing facility so as to decrease the hassle of wishing the lesser known acquaintances.  The other notable feature is that the app allows us to select the birthdays we want to import from our contact list. This is also the best Birthday reminder android apps.

9. Birthday Reminder Holo

One of the reasons it is fit for Android users is because the battery consumption of this app is extremely low. The other features of this app are however almost similar to other apps listed above. Like the others, this one also has an uncomplicated navigation system which makes the user interface very simple to use. The app sends push notifications time to time about when the upcoming birthday is – more like a countdown. One of the best things about this app is that the app does not require using the internet to send Birthday SMS or wishes to the users’ friends. This is also the best Birthday reminder android apps.

10. Business Calendar Freebest android birthday reminder app

Business Calendar Free relies on having Google Calendar for some of its uses but is altogether a completely different bundle. The app has a monthly calendar view with normally shaded code for days. However, it’s ‘Add Event’ feature lets us add reminder alongside letting us choose from various templates. Along with birthdays, this app also lets us set the reminder for other significant life events like anniversaries.  This is also the best Birthday reminder android apps.

These are the best android birthday reminder app.

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