10 Best Birthday Reminder Android Apps – Happy Birthday Apps

10 Best Birthday Reminder Android Apps

Birthday, for most of the people, is the most awaited day of the year; it is what they believe to be the celebration of all the years they have lived. On such a special occasion everyone wants to be wished by their loved ones.  However, in the world that is pacing at an extremely high speed, it is very difficult to keep track of all our dear ones’ birthday. But this does not mean there is no way out to this problem. Our tech-savvy world has a solution to this problem – Best Birthday Reminder Android Apps.

With increasing popularity of this app, a lot of developers have designed a wide of variety of these apps to suit the interest and time of millions of people in the world. Now while all of these apps serve the purpose in one way or the other, like in all other fields there is a pioneer in the race of the best app too. And this is our quest to find the best of the best apps in the field.

Here below we have enlisted ten of the best android birthday reminder app exclusively for our readers.

10 Best Birthday Reminder Android Apps – Happy Birthday Apps

1. Birthdays for Android

With about a million downloads, this app is one of the best in the field. The reviews for this app are also exceptionally great. The app has a build up that easily lets us see upcoming birthdays on our home screen and allows us to wish people ‘Happy Birthday’ on a single tap of our finger.  And the best feature of the app is that it respects our privacy.

2. Just Reminder

This app has features which people can’t help but admire. The app has features ranging from regular interval reminders to birthday back up. This app stands out because it allows customization of reminders with images and songs of the users’ choice. It also allows the users to personalize the birthday texts rather than just sending blunt birthday wishes. This is also another best Birthday reminder android apps.

3. Free Birthday Cards

The app shows us information on both whose birthday celebrations have been gone and whose are coming up next, that too chronologically. The users can choose from a wide array of amazing birthday cards to send their companions at no cost. The users can also use the app’s widget to see upcoming birthdays on their home screen. Along with birthdays, this app also reminds its users of a lot of other holidays and festivals. This is also the best Birthday reminder android apps.

4. Life Reminders

The list would not have been complete without this app –Life Reminders- which has a lot of different features as compared to the rest of the apps. This app is most suitable for a people with a lot of Facebook friends but with only a small circle of friends since the app can be set in the way to remind the user of only the close one’s birthday and not bother about the thousands in the users’ Facebook profile.  Another notable feature of the app is that the app can be used in many languages. This is also the best Birthday reminder android apps.

5. Birthday Reminder Free

Unlike a standard app, it is uniquely made as a best android birthday reminder app. The users can choose their own calendar fashion so as to remind the users in their preferred way. The app also synchronizes birthday celebrations from the users’ phone contacts and Facebook contacts. This is also the best Birthday reminder android apps.

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10 Best Birthday Reminder Android Apps – Happy Birthday Apps

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